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What is Sub Zero? Fresh – Frozen – Freedom

Before Sub Zero, people had to choose from a pre-frozen product.  Now, Sub Zero makes gourmet ice cream in front of you within seconds of ordering.

The Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt Story

Jerry and Naomi Hancock were always drawn to the idea of customizable food. They started their culinary career by opening a New York Burrito in Orem, Utah, which allowed their customers complete control over creating their meals. Jerry and Naomi wanted to provide that same freedom with desserts. Jerry used his chemistry background from Brigham Young University to develop a method of freezing ice cream using nothing more than liquid nitrogen (which comes from the air we breath). His technique was such a success, that in 2004 he opened Sub Zero Ice Cream in Orem, Utah. Since then, Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt has changed from a small, local business into a regional sensation. Locations can now be found throughout Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Washington, Florida, California, Indiana and will be coming to other locations across the U.S.

Want to open a Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt restaurant in your location? Take a look at our franchising web-site for more information.

Our Team: The Inside Scoop about the Founders.ps5

Jerry Hancock, Founder / CEO / Chairman of the Board:

He has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  As a teenager he sold apples door to door to pay for the National Scout Jamboree and candy bars to pay for a trip to the National Cross Country Championship.  He learned at an early age if you want to do something, you need to figure out how to pay for it first.

Naomi Hancock, Founder / CFO / Board Member:

Naomi helped to define the product that Sub Zero would later create.  She has found it interesting to notice when people don’t have a choice they put up with what is offered.  When they have a choice, people become much more specific.  Sub Zero offers ultimate choice.

Vern Hancock, Founder / Architectural Consultant / Board member: Graduated from Idaho State University and has practiced architecture for over 40 years.  He has taken an instrumental role in creating the look of the stores, paying attention to the special effects at the counter, lighting and the mood that is created by the lighting and colors used in the store.

Get more details about the founders here.

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