Happy to be Allergy-free!

One of the best parts about Sub Zero Ice Cream is our ability to make every ice cream completely custom for every individual customer, including our customers with dietary restrictions.  We were so happy to receive a note of thanks from a customer in our Cedar City, Utah store, on behalf of her child with severe allergies who can safely have ice cream at Sub Zero!  (And you absolutely gotta love her style!)

This mother writes: “Just wanted to thank you for being allergy-friendly. My little girl has a life-threatening allergy to all nuts and the employees at the Cedar store are always willing to get clean utensils and bowls to make a safe treat for her. It means so much to us!”

'Here is a quote and pic from one of our Cedar customers.  The joy we feel bringing Allergy Sensitive products to families is the fulfilling reason for our business.<br />
A mother writes:  "Just wanted to thank you for being allergy-friendly. My little girl has a life-threatening allergy to all nuts and the employees at the Cedar store are always willing to get clean utensils and bowls to make a safe treat for her. It means so much to us!"'
Whether it’s nuts, dairy, gluten or soy, we have options for every allergy out there and are happy to accommodate.  Ice Cream for All!
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Backstage Avenue Photoshoot

On location with Nathan Osmond and Backstage Avenue:  Commercial Photoshoot

A couple weeks ago we were at the Sandy, Utah Sub Zero store, shooting a feature spot with Nathan Osmond and his crew for the show Backstage Avenue.  Backstage Avenue is a show that highlights up and coming bands, the who’s who of music, and the entertainment scene surrounding Utah.  It also focuses on Utah brands and innovative businesses, giving them a chance to share their story and highlight their businesses.  We had a good time with Nathan; it was fun to hear his stories about “Uncle Donny and Aunt Marie”, as well as talk about the history of the Grand Ole’ Opry and how country music “chose” him.  He was a personable and great guy to meet.  We also had the chance to tell him about all the different options Sub Zero offers, from pies, smoothies, shakes, ice cream, catering, educational presentations, and telling a little of our history and the exciting 10 year anniversary of our company.

We had some fun demonstrating our unique, patented process in a commercial with a fun character, “Dr. Freeze”!  It’s always fun to get a glimpse into the world of TV production, from the boom mic to the camera angles and the multiple video takes saying the same line with different inflection and volume to make sure they have enough material to work with for a quality finished product.  After editing and polishing, we’re excited to see what the finished product will be, and we’ll be sure to share it with you on our social media pages.

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February’s Sensation of the Month: Stupid Cupid

February heralds Valentine’s Day, with Cupid up to his old antics, shooting his arrows and drumming up romance wherever he can.  Whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow or were missed by his poor aim, we have the perfect treat to celebrate your love or drown your sorrows.

A gourmet ice cream creation of White Chocolate and Raspberry flavor with fresh chocolate Brownies, tart sweet Cheesecake bites, and morsels of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, frozen with our patented process right before your eyes, should be just the trick to harness those emotions and make your month perfect!

Don’t leave your fate up to stupid Cupid’s hit or miss arrow; either way you can enjoy bliss and harmony with our perfect Valentine’s day creation in February’s Sensation of the Month!  Yum! Come get one before February’s magic is gone.

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Tasty Tinder Tuesday – Ashley is Bae

While we love sharing the spicy conversations we have on Tinder, today we wanted to share something a little less superficial… True Love!

Ever since we matched the lovely Ashley, she has become the apple of our eye. Our first date was magical, so magical in fact that we have gone out FIVE more times! This has been a whirlwind romance, but we are confident enough to say that this is a love that will last a lifetime. 

Thanks for being so fun Ashley! 

We hope we can have a million more “Typical Best Days” with you, bae. 

IMG_97701 IMG_24621 IMG_54961 IMG_09131

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Sub Zero Now In China!

Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt is proud to announce that our store in Wuhan, China is now open! The store will be having its official grand opening in two weeks. It has been such an amazing opportunity for Sub Zero to expand outside of the United States. Our first international store opened last October in Abu Dhabi, and now a year later in China!



We cannot wait to see where else Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt will expand to!

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