Sub Zero Ice Cream Named Utah’s #1 Ice Cream Shop via POPSUGAR

September 20th Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt was notified that the popular website POPSUGAR had recognized the company as the #1 Ice Cream Shop in the state of Utah!

We are more than pleased to receive this title and wear it proudly! With great taste and fun experiences, it is easy to see why the website decided on Sub Zero Ice Cream. Read their thoughts on Sub Zero Ice Cream, and all of 50 states’ #1 Choices here.


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Tasty Tinder Treats

“She’s hot!” Swipe right. “Uhhh, I’m sure he has a great personality…” Swipe left. Sound familiar? Of course it does, these are the thoughts that go through everyone’s mind when they are searching for their perfect Tinder match. Well what happens when you do find your perfect match and he/she is not what you expected?

Something tasty!

Sub Zero created a Tinder account and swiped right to every guy and girl. Soon after the matches were made, the chemistry was undeniable! (Get it, chemistry?)

2014-09-22 19.46.43

2014-09-22 19.47.05

2014-09-22 19.47.17

Swipe right to Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt and who knows, maybe if you’re flirty enough you could get a discount on the first date!

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Fav Flav Friday: “The Break-Up”

This summer Sub Zero Ice Cream kicked off a fun new campaign, called “Fav Flav Friday”, that has given our company the opportunity to see how creative our customers truly are! We have had a variety of submissions, from black licorice combined with blackberry, to Lime Ricki.

Friday’s Fav Flav came from our Facebook friend Amanda who gave her custom creation its own name, “The Break-Up”.  She and a few friends had a great time concocting this delicious mix of cream, peanut butter swirls, malt, cheesecake, brownie, fudge swirls, and cinnamon. After trying their delicious nitrogen infused ice cream, they thought that it tasted like the perfect medicine for a broken heart.

fav flav 9

We completely agree! Thanks Amanda, for sharing your Fav Flav!

Follow us on Instagram to see every Friday’s Fav Flav!: subzero_icecream

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The Emmy’s Golf Tournament!!

This last Monday, Sub Zero had the opportunity to go to the Emmy’s Golf Tournament in California! It was so much fun for everyone there! Check out these cool pictures!

SmokingifEmmys Emmys2 Emmys3 Emmys7 Emmys8 Emmys10 Emmys11 Emmys12 Emmys14 Emmys15 Emmys20 Emmys22 Emmys32 Emmys36 Emmys37 Emmys38 Emmys40 Emmys44

And then why not freeze some hats??Frozen Hat Frozen Hat4 Frozen Hat7 Frozen Hat8 Frozen Hat9

Smokingif2And of course one of Jerry and Naomi!

Jerry and Naomi Emmys


For more pictures check out our Facebook page!

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September Sensation!!

Make sure to drop by and try out our sensation for September!!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Getting back into the school schedule is hard, but as long as you grab yourself a quick bowl of cereal before you run out the door, all’s well. And after you make it through the whole day, you have to give yourself some kind of positive reinforcement, so why not have a little more of that cereal… in the form of ice cream?!? And what cereal is more beloved than Cinnamon Toast Crunch?? With a delicious combination of cinnamon and maple cream and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal mixed in, it’ll send your taste buds for a wild ride. Come try it!!

September Sensation

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