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The Emmy’s Golf Tournament!!

This last Monday, Sub Zero had the opportunity to go to the Emmy’s Golf Tournament in California! It was so much fun for everyone there! Check out these cool pictures! And then why not freeze some hats?? And of course one of Jerry and Naomi!   For more pictures check out our Facebook page!

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September Sensation!!

Make sure to drop by and try out our sensation for September!! Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Getting back into the school schedule is hard, but as long as you grab yourself a quick bowl of cereal before you run out the door, all’s well. And after you make it through the whole day, you have to give yourself some kind of positive reinforcement, so why not have a little more of that cereal… in the form of ice cream?!? And what … Continue reading

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Provo Food Blog!

Check it out! We were featured in the Provo Food Blog!!

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Ice bucket challenge!

With such simple beginnings as one person challenging a friend to pour some ice water on their head or donate to a charity, the “ice bucket challenge” has swept the nation. Sub Zero ice cream got in on the fun this week and took the challenge. Jerry and Naomi, founders and CEO’s of Sub Zero ice cream were drenched in freezing cold water today in front of their store to raise awareness for ALS, or more commonly known as Lou … Continue reading

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We Sell Comfort Food

Imagine this: You’re walking down the street. You just came from work. This morning, you woke up 15 minutes before your alarm clock went off. Disappointed, you go back to sleep… only to wake up 3 minutes before you have to be at work. So you were late and your boss was also in a bad mood so you got yelled at first thing. As the day went on, you not only spilled your morning orange juice all down your … Continue reading

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