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Happy to be Allergy-free!

One of the best parts about Sub Zero Ice Cream is our ability to make every ice cream completely custom for every individual customer, including our customers with dietary restrictions.  We were so happy to receive a note of thanks from a customer in our Cedar City, Utah store, on behalf of her child with severe allergies who can safely have ice cream at Sub Zero!  (And you absolutely gotta love her style!) This mother writes: “Just wanted to thank … Continue reading

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February’s Sensation of the Month: Stupid Cupid

February heralds Valentine’s Day, with Cupid up to his old antics, shooting his arrows and drumming up romance wherever he can.  Whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow or were missed by his poor aim, we have the perfect treat to celebrate your love or drown your sorrows. A gourmet ice cream creation of White Chocolate and Raspberry flavor with fresh chocolate Brownies, tart sweet Cheesecake bites, and morsels of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, frozen with our patented process right … Continue reading

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August Flavor of the Month

Hi fellow foodies! We’ve excited to announce August’s Flavor of the Month for Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt! After taste testing our Facebook fans’ submissions for July’s Flavor, we found a concoction so refreshing and unique we knew it deserved the Flavor of the Month status. Without further ado, the August Flavor of the Month is… Peachy Keen by Jenna Baker! Peachy Keen Base: Custard Flavor: Peach Mix-Ins: Peaches and Chocolate Shavings   Thanks Jenna for giving us an … Continue reading

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Suffering from Brain Freeze? Not Today!

Nothing slows an ice cream enthusiast like an onslaught of brain freeze, or sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. Ever wondered why your favorite frozen dessert leaves you scrunching your face in pain? The answer is simple. Located at the roof of your mouth are a cluster of nerves. When something cold touches it, the blood vessels shrink and then expand as blood rushes back into your mouth to warm it up. As a result, you get the sensation of having a headache. Brain … Continue reading

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Go Bananas

Some ideas are meant to be shared and after tasting this one, it’s hard to keep it a secret. Base: Premium or Custard Flavor: Banana and Peanut Butter Mix-ins (1st One is Free!): Peanut Butter Cups, Graham Cracker and Brownie

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