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August Flavor of the Month: S’MORE

As summer comes to a close, it’s a time to spend outside around a bonfire, and getting ready for the fall. Let Sub Zero Ice Cream help springboard you into the season with our August ice cream flavor of the month, the S’more sensation! This delicious combination uses marshmallow cream to flavor the ice cream base of your choice. To complete the sensational S’more mix, our Sub Zero Ice Cream experts added chocolate chips and graham cracker crumbs. Instead of … Continue reading

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May’s Flavor of the Month!!! Perfectly Pancake

Once every couple thousand years, the stars and planets align in such a way to make our wildest dreams come true. For all those ice cream lovers out there, Perfectly Pancakes, with its maple and vanilla flavor and Twix, waffle cone, and pecan mix-ins, combines the sweet satisfaction of dessert with the homespun goodness of the all-American breakfast.

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April’s Flavor of the Month: Chubby Bunny!

April’s Flavor of the Month, Chubby Bunny, was created by Facebook fan Zach Hampton, who participated in the Chubby Bunny flavor contest. Sub Zero let fans create April’s flavor by accepting flavor submissions and taste testing them. Zach, the lucky winner, won one free month of ice cream! Be sure to stop by and taste this amazing flavor!  

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February Flavor of the Month

Ever been blindsided by one of those love inducing arrows? Sometimes it feels like your heart is being used for target practice by a winged baby in a cloth diaper and sandals that some irresponsible goddess of love entrusted with a bow. Stupid Cupid’s raspberry and white chocolate ice cream will mend any broken heart with its decadent flavor, while its brownies, cookie dough, and cheesecake will reassure you that, until Cupid gets it right, you’ve got all the love … Continue reading

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January Flavor of the Month: Winter Wonderland

Take a walk through a snowy landscape without stepping out in the cold with Winter Wonderland.  Caramel ice cream conjures the sensation of catching snowflakes on your tongue while Heath and Graham Cracker mix-ins capture the crunch of fresh snow beneath your boots. Enjoy the wonders of Winter Wonderland and leave your mittens at home.

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