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Ice Cream that is Frozen Before Your Eyes It starts out as a liquid. You choose what flavor you want and then comes the quick freeze chemicals… Sub Zero says they started a New York Burrito franchise in Orem, Utah. A current trend in the food industry is a deli style. Deli style means giving…

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A report by Andi Barness for ABC 15’s Sonoran Living Live, starring Sub Zero’s very own Leon Merkley. Originally posted at

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Ice Cream Parlor of the Week: Sub Zero Ice Cream Sub Zero Ice Cream Owner: Jerry Hancock Jerry Hancock was mulling over the idea of opening up an ice cream shop, but wanted to step up his game against competitors. With the help of his chemistry background, Jerry concocted a scientific concept, allowing customers to…

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Have It Your Way At Utah’s Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt shops, ice cream is created to customers’ particular specifications. You choose the base—cream, rice or soy—flavor mixtures, mix-ins and overall texture. Then, the mixture is flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen, creating instantly “cryogenic” ice cream. Normally, when ice cream is frozen, it immediately starts…

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