Corporate Support 

Jerry Hancock, Founder & CEO - Born and raised in Pocatello Idaho, Jerry graduated in chemistry in 1997 from Brigham Young University. After working in software engineering for 8 years, Jerry used his science background to create Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt, a revolutionary ice cream store. Since Jerry’s flash frozen ice cream is such a dramatic departure from traditional ice cream, he tested a lot of processes and ingredients during the initial launch of Sub Zero. For the first four years in business, Jerry tested the business model, nitrogen delivery and efficiency, the molecular gastronomy of cream and other bases, and varieties in flavor profiles. After development and documentation, Jerry implemented a training process to provide a consistent customer experience.

Noami Hancock, CFO – As a school teacher and mother, Naomi has always tried to find ways to bring education into children’s lives. Naomi determined that Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt’s unique combination of science and ice cream generated an exclusive opportunity to provide a pleasurable and educationally enriching experience.  Her efforts have been vital in implementing Sub Zero’s educational program with local schools. Throughout the history of the company, Naomi has worked on-site in the store as well as managed scheduling, book-keeping, and employee and franchisee training.

Mary Oliphant, Operations - Mary has worked with Sub Zero since they opened in Provo in 2008. Mary has learned everything she knows about Sub Zero through hands-on experiences in the Sub Zero locations. Mary favorite flavor is coconut lime with cherries.

Peter Black, Marketing & Sales - Peter graduated from Brigham Young University where he studied Marketing at the Marriott School of Business. He completed a consulting job for Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt in 2012 and has worked for Jerry ever since. Peter works to increase brand awareness through school presentations, events, and sales. His favorite ice cream cream is the sensational Magnetic Mint–Mint Chocolate flavoring with Andes Mints and Brownies.