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Tasty Tinder Tuesday

By admin | Oct 7, 2014

We love Tuesdays! Nothing makes Sub Zero Ice Cream more happy than having some fun with our customers. Today’s Tinder match is a very forward guy who is ready to take the next step! We love the idea, but we’re not quite sure how ready we are to commit. We’ll keep you posted… Make sure you…

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Provo Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt Got Jimmered!

By admin | Oct 3, 2014

It’s not every day you are visited by a NBA basketball player! Our employees in our Provo, UT store were to say the least starstruck! After he and his wife Whitney went through the line and signed their receipt, we immediately put it in a place for safe keeping. It will stay there until we…

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October Sensation of the Month: Monster Brains

By admin | Oct 1, 2014

It’s a new month, and although cinnamon toast crunch was delightful, we are thrilled to introduce October’s Sensation of the Month, Monster Brains! This spook-tastic treat is the perfect addition to all of the Hallows Eve festivities that you have planned.   Monster Brains is a fun, fruity mix with just the right amount of…

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Tasty Tinder Tuesday

By admin | Sep 30, 2014

It’s Tuesday, and we all know what that means… Things are getting tasty on Tinder! We are loving getting to know all of our customers in such a fun, carefree way! There are some BIG flirts on this app, and we can’t help but crack up at all of the pick-up lines they come up with! As a special…

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Fav Flav Friday: Pumpkin Perfection

By admin | Sep 26, 2014

Today’s Fav Flav Friday was recommended by our Facebook friend Amanda Lyn! With pumpkin season in full force, this mixture is an obvious favorite. This combo includes: pumpkin flavor, cinnamon, cheesecake bites, all topped off with graham cracker crumbs and Carmel drizzling. Come give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Sub Zero Ice Cream Named Utah’s #1 Ice Cream Shop via POPSUGAR

By admin | Sep 24, 2014

September 20th Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt was notified that the popular website POPSUGAR had recognized the company as the #1 Ice Cream Shop in the state of Utah! We are more than pleased to receive this title and wear it proudly! With great taste and fun experiences, it is easy to see why…

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Tasty Tinder Treats

By admin | Sep 23, 2014

“She’s hot!” Swipe right. “Uhhh, I’m sure he has a great personality…” Swipe left. Sound familiar? Of course it does, these are the thoughts that go through everyone’s mind when they are searching for their perfect Tinder match. Well what happens when you do find your perfect match and he/she is not what you expected? Something tasty! Sub Zero created a…

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Fav Flav Friday: “The Break-Up”

By admin | Sep 22, 2014

This summer Sub Zero Ice Cream kicked off a fun new campaign, called “Fav Flav Friday”, that has given our company the opportunity to see how creative our customers truly are! We have had a variety of submissions, from black licorice combined with blackberry, to Lime Ricki. Friday’s Fav Flav came from our Facebook friend…

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The Emmy’s Golf Tournament!!

By admin | Sep 10, 2014

This last Monday, Sub Zero had the opportunity to go to the Emmy’s Golf Tournament in California! It was so much fun for everyone there! Check out these cool pictures! And then why not freeze some hats?? And of course one of Jerry and Naomi!   For more pictures check out our Facebook page!

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