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September Sensation!!

By admin | Sep 3, 2014

Make sure to drop by and try out our sensation for September!! Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Getting back into the school schedule is hard, but as long as you grab yourself a quick bowl of cereal before you run out the door, all’s well. And after you make it through the whole day, you have to…

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Provo Food Blog!

By admin | Sep 2, 2014

Check it out! We were featured in the Provo Food Blog!!

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Ice bucket challenge!

By admin | Aug 20, 2014

With such simple beginnings as one person challenging a friend to pour some ice water on their head or donate to a charity, the “ice bucket challenge” has swept the nation. Sub Zero ice cream got in on the fun this week and took the challenge. Jerry and Naomi, founders and CEO’s of Sub Zero…

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We Sell Comfort Food

By admin | Aug 13, 2014

Imagine this: You’re walking down the street. You just came from work. This morning, you woke up 15 minutes before your alarm clock went off. Disappointed, you go back to sleep… only to wake up 3 minutes before you have to be at work. So you were late and your boss was also in a…

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History of Ice Cream!

By admin | Aug 8, 2014

Have you ever wondered who invented ice cream? Well, so have I. So I looked it up, and after some research, I came to the conclusion that not any one person did. Ice cream’s beginnings can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece when Alexander the great would enjoy snow and ice flavored…

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August Flavor of the Month: S’MORE

By admin | Aug 4, 2014

As summer comes to a close, it’s a time to spend outside around a bonfire, and getting ready for the fall. Let Sub Zero Ice Cream help springboard you into the season with our August ice cream flavor of the month, the S’more sensation! This delicious combination uses marshmallow cream to flavor the ice cream…

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Sub Zero: There’s an App for that…Now!

By admin | Feb 21, 2014

Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt has officially gone high-tech with our new App! Customers no longer have to wait until they are in line to decide their perfect flavor combination or log on to their computer to check in on Facebook and Twitter, the app places all the information you need in the palm…

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February Sensation of the Month: Chocolate Lovers!

By admin | Feb 4, 2014

The month of love is here and Sub Zero Ice Cream is excited to announce this love-inspired monthly sensation: Chocolate Lovers! Sub Zero’s flavorologists outdid themselves this month with this classic twist on any chocoholic’s dream. Chocolate ice cream wasn’t good enough for our unique flavor this month, so we took it up a notch…

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Sub Zero is Eastern Bound!

By admin | Jan 24, 2014

Sub Zero Ice Cream is starting the year off right by introducing six new states to the Sub Zero team. In the next few months, new franchisees will open stores in Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Louisiana! Not to mention new stores in Florida, and other currently occupied states! Sub Zero CEO,…

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