SteamerShakes — Hold the Spoon

Customized ice cream made for a straw, not a spoon. Just like any Sub Zero dessert, you can tailor your treat from the base up to fit your craving. We make sure it’s the perfect thick, slurp-able consistency that’s guaranteed to satisfy. And at Sub Zero, you can indulge in shake flavors you’ve never thought possible, like coconut lime, marshmallow peach, and cotton candy strawberry (try it, your mouth will thank you). After you’ve chosen your base, flavors, and mix-in we freeze it and then blend it with cream, powdered milk and ice for a rich texture you just can’t find in any other shake.


SmoothieSmoothies — Fresh Frozen Fruit

Our smoothies are loaded with fresh fruit and blended fresh, right before your eyes. We take your selected ingredients and combine them with ice to create a sweet treat your taste-buds will love!

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