So why is liquid nitrogen-frozen ice cream so good? It's all in the flash freeze.


More Creamy.

The faster you freeze ice cream, the creamier it is.  The moment ice cream starts to freeze, ice crystals start to grow.  The longer it takes to freeze, the larger they grow, and the more grainy the ice cream is.  All other commercial ice cream takes a minimum of 20 minutes to freeze.  Sub Zero takes 15 seconds.  Since Sub Zero ice cream is frozen so quickly, the ice crystals hardly have a chance to grow, which results in extremely small ice crystals and the smoothest, creamiest ice cream possible. Saying our ice cream is creamier than any other ice cream is not just an advertising gimmick, it’s a scientific fact!


More Fresh.

There is no pre-frozen ice cream at Sub Zero.  It just doesn’t exist!  We are an ice cream store without freezers.  Other ice cream has been stored in a freezer for at least a day before it gets to the freezer cabinet ready to be served to customers.  

When you order Sub Zero Ice Cream, you see your liquid cream poured directly into your clean bowl, your chosen flavors and mixins added, and then your ice cream frozen at that moment, right in front of you. It is the ultimate in fresh!


More Dense.

Hand vs. Machine:  So freezing with liquid nitrogen makes ice crystals smaller and ice cream creamier, but what’s the point of mixing everything by hand?  Can’t you get the same results by using a machine?  Typically ice cream frozen by machine, even if frozen with liquid nitrogen, is about 50% air!  As the ice cream is frozen, it is also whipped, which introduces a lot of air into the product.  By mixing each serving by hand, Sub Zero Ice Cream provides an extremely dense product, adding to the creaminess and quality of the final product, as well as giving the customer extra value for their purchase.  After all, you paid for ice cream, not air!  Other advantages include the length of time your ice cream will stay ice cream.  Without the pockets of extra air whipped in, Sub Zero Ice Cream also doesn’t melt as quickly.  


More Custom.

The best part of your ice cream being mixed individually by hand? Each ice cream is made specifically for you, as you follow through and get to watch the entire process happen right before your eyes.  Sub Zero has the ability to cater to every dietary need.  Vegan, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free; through our vast menu and freezing process, we have the ability to offer ice cream for all tastes and allergies.  At Sub Zero, your wish is our command.  You can have it exactly as you want it.