Stores, Stores and More Stores!

Summer is the best season for ice cream lovers and sellers alike! As our company grows, we have many new stores under construction and in operation for this new summer season that we are very excited about. To celebrate, we would like to highlight the new stores and those coming in the near future.

Indianapolis, IN- Massachusetts Ave: The Mass Ave location has been making ice cream for more than a month now and they are doing very well. The community supports them and there is a line out the door every night!

Eden Prairie, MN- Minnesota opened their doors to the public last week and plan on hosting a grand opening event during July. As the flagship store for Minnesota, Eden Prairie sets a good precedence for those to follow.

patriotic SZChanhassen, MN- Chanhassen opens its doors very soon as the second store in Minnesota after Eden Prairie. However, they are already seeing much success. The Chanhassen local newspaper has featured them in a story and the city of Chanhassen requested they serve ice cream at their city celebration.

Carlsbad, CA- The new Carlsbad Village location is kicking off it’s opening with a ribbon cutting event this Thursday the 27th. They are currently serving ice cream and having a blast while they do it.

Sebastopol Construction

Sebastopol, CA- California is getting another great location this summer as Sebastopol

prepares to open its doors. The site is currently under construction and great update posts can be found on their Facebook page regularly.

Plans for Texas, Abu Dhabi and several other states are well on their way. Make sure you stay tuned for more Sub Zero locations to come in your area and prepare to experience the magic of Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt.





  1. Cathy Schmidtke on July 3, 2013 at 2:57 am

    Hello, Just wanted you to know that we tried your ‘ice cream’ at the Eden Prairie Mall, and we had a super bad experience. We ordered two kid cups at $3.39 each with coconut milk as the base. My daughter ordered a pistachio concoction. It was neon green and not even the slightest sweet. In fact, it tasted like nearly nothing. She ordered marshmellos in it and she got four small marshmellos. I had the same base with almond and coconut, and it was faintly sweet but had a really unpleasant taste. I’m sure if we had ordered the premium ice cream with lots of candy it would have been okay but we thought we’d try something different. We ended up tossing our desserts they were so terribly bad. Normally I wouldn’t complain, but these were so bad we could not eat them. I would ask you for a coupon to try another flavor, but I don’t think we’d even want to do that.

    • admin on July 3, 2013 at 6:30 am

      We are deeply sorry for your experience. Our ice cream bases have sugar in them and in order to not add more sugar with the flavoring we have not added sugar to the flavorings. We do offer other options that are non-dairy but they do not have enough sweetener to maintain the flavor carrier needed. Training is important and we will follow up so that the store knows that additional sweetener is needed for these bases.

      We are also adding a Sugar Free Lactose free that is pre-sweetened in the next few weeks. Please give them a second chance and allow us to make it up to you.

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