1. Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

    The Sub Zero Experience Helping With Life Experiences Have you heard before about ice cream being a “Comfort Food”? That a broken heart can be treated or at least appeased with a quart of ice cream, letting that sweet, cool cream drown sorrows and lift spirits? Ice cream is a happy place; usually celebrations and social extensions of a good time that no one wants to end. But some of our franch…Read More

  2. Backstage Avenue Photoshoot

    On location with Nathan Osmond and Backstage Avenue: Commercial Photoshoot A couple weeks ago we were at the Sandy, Utah Sub Zero store, shooting a feature spot with Nathan Osmond and his crew for the show Backstage Avenue. Backstage Avenue is a show that highlights up and coming bands, the who’s who of music, and the entertainment scene surrounding Utah. It also focuses on Utah brands and innov…Read More

  3. Happy to be Allergy-Free!

    One of the best parts about Sub Zero Ice Cream is our ability to make every ice cream completely custom for every individual customer, including our customers with dietary restrictions. We were so happy to receive a note of thanks from a customer in our Cedar City, Utah store, on behalf of her child with severe allergies who can safely have ice cream at Sub Zero! (And you absolutely gotta love her…Read More

  4. February’s Sensation of the Month: Stupid Cupid

    February heralds Valentine’s Day, with Cupid up to his old antics, shooting his arrows and drumming up romance wherever he can. Whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow or were missed by his poor aim, we have the perfect treat to celebrate your love or drown your sorrows. A gourmet ice cream creation of White Chocolate and Raspberry flavor with fresh chocolate Brownies, tart sweet Cheesecak…Read More

  5. Tasty Tinder Tuesday – Ashley is Bae

    While we love sharing the spicy conversations we have on Tinder, today we wanted to share something a little less superficial… True Love! Ever since we matched the lovely Ashley, she has become the apple of our eye. Our first date was magical, so magical in fact that we have gone out FIVE more times! This has been a whirlwind romance, but we are confident enough to say that this is a love that …Read More

  6. Sub Zero Now In China!

    Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt is proud to announce that our store in Wuhan, China is now open! The store will be having its official grand opening in two weeks. It has been such an amazing opportunity for Sub Zero to expand outside of the United States. Our first international store opened last October in Abu Dhabi, and now a year later in China! We cannot wait to see where else Sub Zero Ice Cr…Read More

  7. Tasty Tinder Tuesday

    We love Tuesdays! Nothing makes Sub Zero Ice Cream more happy than having some fun with our customers. Today’s Tinder match is a very forward guy who is ready to take the next step! We love the idea, but we’re not quite sure how ready we are to commit. We’ll keep you posted… Make sure you find Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt on Tinder today, we’ll be sure to melt your heart!…Read More

  8. Provo Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt Got Jimmered!

    It’s not every day you are visited by a NBA basketball player! Our employees in our Provo, UT store were to say the least starstruck! After he and his wife Whitney went through the line and signed their receipt, we immediately put it in a place for safe keeping. It will stay there until we find the perfect place to frame it! We had so much fun helping you Jimmer, come back soon!…Read More

  9. October Sensation of the Month: Monster Brains

    It’s a new month, and although cinnamon toast crunch was delightful, we are thrilled to introduce October’s Sensation of the Month, Monster Brains! This spook-tastic treat is the perfect addition to all of the Hallows Eve festivities that you have planned. Monster Brains is a fun, fruity mix with just the right amount of “GUSH”. Make sure you try it out before it’s gone at the end of t…Read More

  10. Tasty Tinder Tuesday

    It’s Tuesday, and we all know what that means… Things are getting tasty on Tinder! We are loving getting to know all of our customers in such a fun, carefree way! There are some BIG flirts on this app, and we can’t help but crack up at all of the pick-up lines they come up with! As a special gift for humoring us, we have offered each person who swipes right a discount in our Provo store. So …Read More