Educational presentations: Science + Fun = Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Science Presentations

Written on 07/18/2019
Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

We offer a unique, STEM / science-focused presentation designed to educate students using the unique properties of liquid nitrogen while making fresh and delicious ice cream. We travel to your location and set up our super cool, -321° F science presentation saving you money on bus fees and travel time. 

We educate about multiple science concepts using Liquid Nitrogen.

We start by teaching science-based concepts through the use of liquid nitrogen or, N7, as found on the periodic table of elements. Using safe methods, we demonstrate the colorless, odorless liquid which appears to bubble and boil as vapor mist swirls and dances at room temperature.

We’ll present 4–5 highly entertaining Liquid Nitrogen experiments.

Our show is certified safe by our national nitrogen supplier.  
We will demonstrate the scientific properties of liquid nitrogen by expanding and compressing air from a balloon and some other simple demonstrations. We can even flash freeze a real rose to show the effects of cryogenics and invite a student to shatter it!

Our concluding experiment is our favorite: we create nitrogen ice cream!

Our unique program is concluded by our favorite experiment — creating ice cream for each and every participant made fresh and delicious by the miracle of science. If there are any students with special dietary needs, we can create separate batches of our special non-dairy / sugar-free options that taste absolutely amazing. Everyone loves ice cream and it always brings a smile!

The world needs more inspired young minds interested in science, technology, engineering, and math! These focused areas of education have helped to shape our lives with a deeper understanding of our responsibility to each other and to our beautiful home here on planet Earth! Our mission is to help students get excited about science through a unique opportunity to see liquid nitrogen in action.

Our 45-55 minute science presentation is like nothing you have ever seen before. It’s an experience students won’t forget!

Educational Presentation FAQs

Are your Liquid Nitrogen School Presentations safe?

Sub Zero presentations are very safe. All of our experiments are very engaging for both students and staff members. The purpose of the presentation is to demonstrate scientific principles while using liquid nitrogen.

How much does the presentation cost?

The school presentation cost will be presented by your local Sub Zero owner. The price of the presentation is based on the number of children and staff, distance, and any additional add-on items you request. Please call your nearest location directly for special pricing.

What educational material does your presentation cover? 

Sub Zero will adapt the presentation material to the grade level of the students, but we cover the following educational scientific topics:

• Nitrogen Safety
• Atmosphere
• Elements: Nitrogen
• Condensation/Evaporation
• The Ideal Gas Law
• Water Crystal Structure

How long is the presentation?

The presentation and ice cream show should take 45-55 minutes. Presentation length can be adjusted according to class schedules and teacher needs.

How much space is needed? Do you need electricity? Do you need water?

We need enough space for an 8’ table and room to walk around it. We can perform the presentation inside or outside based on the number of students. We do not need electricity.  Access to water is helpful, but we can bring our own containers if necessary.

What food will be served? What if we have children with allergies?

Sub Zero will make ice cream for all students and staff upon the conclusion of the presentation. We will be making the ice cream fresh and we can cater to most allergies that your staff or students may have. Please disclose the allergies before the presentation with the Sub Zero owner.

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