Sensation Review: Key Lime Voltage

Sensation Review: Key Lime Voltage

Written on 08/28/2019
Allie Brownlee

Struggling with choice overload? Sensations are great pre-made choices crafted for you! But what are they really like? Here’s a little mental taste to help you choose.

Our feature this week is Key Lime Voltage: Lime and Cheesecake Ice Cream, Graham Cracker Bits, and Cheesecake Bites.

This is a very satisfying flavor combo, very classic. It’s very reminiscent of Key Lime Pie, that popular summer treat.

The citric acid is what gives this the voltage, otherwise it’s regular key lime pie. I like the voltage on the first few bites, but I also like the mellowed out version after. I think it could be good with the citric acid mixed in, but they would have to get the measure exactly right, or else it would be too much. The citric acid on top actually reminds me of a lime sour patch kid, first sour followed by a nice mellow sweet, so I think I like that version best.

The lime and cheesecake flavors go really well together. I think that’s what makes this flavor key lime pie rather than just lime. I love the texture the cheesecake bites bring to the ice cream; it gives it more pie-feel. The graham cracker also contributes to that pie taste, and it being mixed in almost makes it like a key lime pie turned cake ball. The cheesecake bites provide a nice little break from the lime flavor every so often.

The only crispness in this sensation comes from the waffle bowl, which is quite enough for me since this flavor is known for its smooth velvety mouth-feel. That smoothness that everyone loves about key lime pie is obvious, though the graham cracker bits break up the texture nicely. Any flavor you’ve naturally come to recognize as “smooth” feels particularly good as nitrogen ice cream because there’s no air to fluff up the texture, and that makes it feel smoother. Flash freezing contributes too, because there’s no time for ice crystals to grow. Tiny crystals mean a more creamy, velvety feel. All of this contributes to a more satisfying key lime pie texture.

Bottom line: It’s smooth, creamy key lime pie in ice cream form, optional citric acid to choose your level of voltage. Cool and refreshing, it’s a perfect summery taste.