Red Velvet Fright Sensation

Red Velvet Fright Sensation

Written on 10/03/2019
Allie Brownlee

Struggling with choice overload? Sensations are great pre-made choices crafted for you! But what are they really like? Here’s a little mental taste to help you choose.

Our feature this month is Red Velvet Fright! Red Velvet ice cream, Real Raspberries, and Oreo pieces in a Charcoal black waffle cone. Red velvet is a cake-y, light chocolate-y flavor which has always paired well with raspberry, and who doesn’t love Oreos? It’s time for a spooky twist on these classic favorites. I’m frighteningly excited.

This one’s playing mind games, and I love it. The red of the red velvet makes it more than chocolate. The black of the charcoal waffle cone makes it taste like Oreo. It uses the power of suggestion to evoke cascades of flavors, luring us in with its delectable deception. This actually tastes like a red velvet cake. I don’t know how they create that cake flavor, but I just love the difference from regular chocolate. I can’t fathom how simply making it red evokes such a luxurious feeling. Combined with the stark contrast of the charcoal black waffle cone, like a vampire’s starched collar, this feels straight out of Dracula’s castle, opulent and devilishly delicious.

The raspberries mixed in really balance the chocolate of the Oreos and the red velvet. They harmonize together, sustaining that feeling of luxury. The tender, smooth tartness of raspberry contrasted with the sweet crunch and texture of the Oreos and waffle cone make every bite different. The flavors flow around and through each other. One moment the red of the ice cream feels more raspberry, the next it feels red velvet, always with the welcome interruption of Oreo staking its claim as a classic favorite. Chocolate covered raspberries, a raspberry Oreo shake, a red velvet, raspberry and Oreo wedding cake, the images evoked in my head by this combination of flavors and textures continue. The taste of raspberries and chocolate lightly lingers as that sweet Sub Zero satisfaction settles in. Apparently it gives me powers of alliteration to complement its poetic perfection.

Bottom line: Not a chocolate overload, the light red velvet pulls the classic cookies and cream taste of Oreo slightly to the chocolate side of the spectrum while the tart fruitiness of raspberry ties it all together.