Sub Zero Goes Hot! Hot Drinks Now Available at Participating Locations

Sub Zero Goes Hot! Hot Drinks Now Available at Participating Locations

Written on 01/03/2020
Allie Brownlee

Sub Zero goes hot! Did you know you can order hot drinks like coffee, steamers, and hot chocolate at participating locations? I tasted their signature hot chocolate for the first time today and it is amazing. Sweet with hints of the deep richness of cocoa, cream, that rich liquid pouring down your throat to warm you up from the inside out, it’s exactly what I needed in the bleak chill of January.

I’ve always appreciated the extra creaminess of a cup of hot chocolate made from milk rather than water, but this hot chocolate is made from legitimate ice cream base. How much richer and creamier could you get? I love the chocolate flavor of it, a little darker, it focuses on the cream and chocolate rather than on the sugar that we all had a little too much of in December. Comforting and substantial, it’s not too thick so there’s no slick left in your mouth.

I love that at Sub Zero, I can try hot chocolate in any of their myriad of wonderful flavors. Strawberries and Cream hot chocolate? It’s like a chocolate-dipped strawberry. Coconut Amaretto hot chocolate is like a liquid Almond Joy. I understand that not everyone is a huge fan of flavored cocoas, but they are pretty much my staple drink in the depths of winter after the excitement and sugar of the holidays has passed. Sometimes a fluffy blanket is not enough and you just need that warmth inside you!

There are so many choices and chocolate goes with almost everything, but if you’re really not feeling the chocolate, you can select a steamer, which is basically a hot chocolate without the chocolate. Both styles of hot drink would be delicious in almost any combination of flavors. Some stores even have coffee for when you need a little more than warmth to pick you up! Hot flavored drinks are just another way that Sub Zero empowers you with trillions of combinations and infinite possibilities.

Bottom line: Who doesn't love something creamy and warm in the winter? Flavor your hot chocolate, steamer, or coffee any way you like it, all for less than Starbucks.

At participating locations.

See store for allergen information. Sub Zero can cater to most allergies.