Try Something New: Peach Melba

Try Something New: Peach Melba

Written on 01/13/2020
Allie Brownlee

Sub Zero has literally billions of possible combinations. How could you ever try them all? So here, I’m committed to trying something new every week and you can come along for the ride. In honor of National Peach Melba Day, January 13th, I learned what a Peach Melba is, and made my own Sub Zero version of it.

A Peach Melba is basically vanilla ice cream with peaches and raspberry sauce, though the original recipe cites the simple ingredients as, "tender and very ripe peaches, vanilla ice cream, and a purée of sugared raspberry". Doesn’t that sound stuffy. Auguste Escoffier, the french chef who created it is quoted as saying, "Any variation on this recipe ruins the delicate balance of its taste."[2][3]  Thank you for validating my initial impression of your stuffiness, Monsieur. He even originally served it in an ice sculpture of a swan. Now that’s commitment. I don’t know what about this combo made the dude think of an Australian opera star, Nellie Melba, and name it after her, but I have to say he was on to something. Admittedly this combination is delicious, minus the swan.

My first reaction to the idea is, Who wants to get vanilla ice cream at Sub Zero, where you can create almost anything? But no, Escoffier’s right. It needs vanilla ice cream. It’s because this is fruit and cream. It is a twist on the ancient classic. Raspberries are perfect with cream, but they’re a little tart, so then you want something sweet with cream to off-set it in between raspberry bites, and that’s the peach! Peach Melba, it lets the fruit do the talking, but the extra vanilla flavor gives it just the right backdrop of sweet cream. It tastes so REAL. Contrasting tastes, fruity, creamy, and no artificial fruit flavors, just the real thing. Maybe that opera star was the real thing, and that’s why he named it for her.

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