Chocolate Cherry Charge

Chocolate Cherry Charge

Written on 02/01/2020
Allie Brownlee

Struggling with choice overload? Sensations are great pre-made choices crafted for you! But what are they really like? Here’s a little mental taste to help you choose.

Welcome to a new twist on an old favorite! Everyone knows and loves Cherry Charge, our classic sensation, and this month’s feature is Chocolate Cherry Charge: Cherry Ice Cream mixed with Chocolate Flakes and Maraschino Cherries, but then topped with Conversation Heart Candies in a Chocolate Waffle Bowl. Cherry Charge got all dressed up!

I’ve praised Cherry Charge before. It’s a simple, time-honored, classic combination. We already know the flavors blend beautifully, but anytime I’m in a chocolate mood (which is pretty much always) I’ve wished it had just a touch more chocolate. A chocolate waffle bowl is the answer. It really complements the combination. Two cherry flavors—the ice cream and the maraschinos, and now two chocolates—the chocolate flakes and the waffle bowl. We have balance in the force! Therefore, I say it’s time to make chocolate waffle bowls standard. They are delicious, something I’ve wished for more than once, and they would complement so many combinations so well. They have all the crispy baked goodness you expect from a waffle bowl, but in chocolate. Heaven.

Cherry ice cream is so underrated. Every time I taste it, I’m surprised and impressed. Though both are fruity and sweet, cherry seems so much more sophisticated than strawberry. Maraschino cherries have quickly become my favorite fruit mix-in. They keep such a nice texture and are just the right size. Chocolate flakes I’ve often raved about for their perfect mix-in texture and universally appealing flavor. Here they’re no exception. The chocolate flavor definitely pops against the fruity cherry flavors. Every bite is like biting into a cherry cordial where the chocolate breaks satisfyingly as the cherry flavor seeps out over your tongue, but ice cream is the filling, cool and creamy.

Fair warning, if they freeze the conversation hearts too, you have to wait for them to melt just a bit before it’s safe to bite them. Though many people will just playfully toss these at each other, I really like the sour-sweet out-of-nowhere fruit flavors, though you really don’t need many. They’re a great interruption, like a wild palate cleanser, before diving back into the comforting harmony of perfectly balanced cherry and chocolate. 

Bottom line: A chocolate waffle bowl brings balance to this force! Fruity, chocolatey, the harmony of soft and crunchy mix-ins, with a few wild fruit-flavored hearts for variety.