What can beat homemade?

What can beat homemade?

Written on 06/06/2019

It’s summer again! And summer, to me, has always been associated with homemade ice cream. Nothing could compare, in my opinion. The only problems are how long it takes, the difficulty in getting a recipe to turn out, and any fruit we put in always freezes first so it’s super frozen by the time the cream is frozen. Then it always melts too quickly. But all the difficulty is worth it because the freshness just can’t be beat, right? Or so I thought. Enter Sub Zero Ice Cream. Who could imagine that a company would actually be able to beat homemade freshness?

Well, first of all, “company” sounds far too impersonal. Really it’s the story of a cute couple who made it their mission to discover perfect ice cream and share the wonder with the world. When you understand how it’s made, you realize it’s pretty much homemade ice cream that’s not made at home. You can’t get any fresher than 30 seconds from liquid to ready to eat.

In my family, homemade ice cream pretty much always has fruit in it. It’s always more frozen than the ice cream and biting it makes my teeth hurt. Anyone else out there have teeth sensitive to cold? But it’s delicious, so that makes it worth it. When the fruit is flash frozen, it’s just frozen enough to blend well with the ice cream. It gets that crisp icy shell of delicious fruity-ness, with the cold but softer center full of flavor. Wow. I didn’t quite think that was possible.

Freshness, perfect barely frozen fruit, nearly instant, and dependable results? Now if only you could make it at home. (Spoiler alert: you can!) That’s how Sub Zero fixed all my problems and won my heart away from homemade ice cream. I still eat homemade, and pretty much any ice cream I can get my hands on. What can I say? Sub Zero isn’t always available for that 2 am craving, but my heart will always belong to the original perfect ice cream.