Sensation Review: Banana Cream Π

Sensation Review: Banana Cream Π

Written on 06/07/2019

Struggling with choice overload? Sensations are great pre-made choices crafted for you! But what are they really like? Here’s a little mental taste to help you choose.

Our feature this week is Banana Cream π: Banana and Marshmallow Ice Cream, Graham Cracker, Cheesecake Bites, Fudge Topping, and Whipped Cream.

This one is well-named. It’s like eating a portion of frozen banana cream pie, but smooth and creamy all the way through. The banana and marshmallow ice cream flavors are on point, making it taste very sugary and rich.

I was maybe a third the way through thinking the bananas were a lovely texture, not slimy or frozen hard but the perfect texture before I remembered there are no banana pieces in this sensation! The cheesecake bites totally take on the flavor of the ice cream and provide that perfect banana texture you’ve always wanted in a real banana cream pie. I’d say this is closer to a perfect banana cream pie than any real one I’ve ever had.

I thought maybe the graham cracker might make the ice cream taste gritty, but Sub Zero ice cream is already so smooth, it didn’t interrupt it at all. The texture really captured the feeling of a graham cracker crust. I kept forgetting it wasn’t actually in a crust. The fudge topping was just enough to give a little break from so much banana. A perfect complement and a secret I’ll remember the next time I’m making banana cream pie.

The whipped cream, on top of all that perfect creamy goodness, is almost too much. I love the presentation effect it gives, and it does give that last touch of pie-ness, so I’m glad they have it. But, I don’t think it really added to the ice cream flavor or texture. I would probably still get it for effect, just a small dollop on top.

If you’ve never had a banana cream pie before, this is a must-get. You’ll be amazed at how well banana and graham cracker flavors combine in a decadent but light and almost tropical feeling dessert. With such creaminess throughout, it’s a perfect ice cream flavor. The presentation with the waffle bowl, fudge, and whipped cream make it feel a little like a modern take on a classic banana split, and I actually don’t think adding real banana slices would make it any better. It already has everything it needs. I just hope it doesn’t make eating a real banana cream pie disappointing.

Bottom line: A perfect ice cream version of a banana cream pie with all the fixings—rich, sugary, and decadent.