Written on 12/16/2017
Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

At Sub Zero Ice Cream, you probably know by now that we scream for ice cream. From making ice cream to learning about ice cream to, of course, eating ice cream, we just love it. We also love education and fun facts – after all, who doesn’t? Today, we wanted to combine our two favorite things and teach our readers some brain-freezing facts about our favorite cold treat!

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Now, on to what you’ve all been waiting for. Here are 5 unbelievable facts about ice cream!

  • The “Ice Cream Sundae” was born in the 1880s – though it is debated exactly where. There are three stories that tell of the invention of the ice cream sundae. One origin states that at one point, Midwestern laws prevented the sale of soda water on Sundays. In order to not lose sales, local soda parlors sold “ice cream sodas” without the soda, leaving only ice cream and syrup used to flavor soda in the dish. The second origin story goes that a soda parlor in Wisconsin had a customer ask for ice cream topped with soda syrup. The customer liked it so much that the parlor owner added the dish to the regular menu and charged only a nickel for it. His next-door rival soda parlor wanted to take advantage of this new popular item but believed 5 cents for the treat was too cheap, and only served it on Sundays as an “Ice Cream Sunday.” Of course, when the second soda parlor owner realized how much money he was making, he renamed the concoction “Ice Cream Sundae” so he could serve it up seven days a week.

  • The waffle cone was first introduced in 1904 at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. The story goes that a Mr. Ernest Hamwi, a Syrian concessionaire making crisp waffle-like pastries at the World’s Fair, started to form his confections into “cornucopias” after the neighboring booth, who was selling ice cream, ran out of serving dishes. Thus, the first ice cream cone was made. Now that’s friendly competition! The tallest ice cream cone was a whopping ten feet high! According to Guinness World Records, the feat was achieved by two Norwegian ice cream enthusiasts. The total product consisted of a 210-pound wafer cone, 132 pounds of chocolate lining, almost 2,400 pounds of ice cream, and  90 pounds of jam. The cone was stored and measured in a freezer, and later delivered by helicopter to attendees of a popular sporting event in Norway. What a way to get a brain freeze!

  • The average dairy cow can produce enough milk to make over 9,000 gallons of ice cream in her lifetime.  Since it takes about three gallons of milk to produce one gallon of ice cream, be sure to thank a cow for her service next to you see one. (And no, brown cows do not produce chocolate ice cream, and black and white cows do not make Cookies’n’Cream)
  • At one point, scientists believed that ice cream caused polio. Polio, now preventable with a vaccine, is a virus transmitted through contaminated water or food. However, before scientists knew this, they only saw a rise of polio cases during the summer months when it so happens, more ice cream was consumed. Soon, they realized polio can be prevented through better sanitation in public pools and swimming areas.


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