Written on 08/30/2017
Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

We’re just going to lay it out there. Kids go bananas over ice cream (bananas over ice cream? That sounds delicious!). Kids, however, do not always go bananas over learning. Thankfully, many teachers across the nation have embraced student-centered learning. In short, this refers to a style of education instruction that addresses specific needs of students – including their interests and distinct learning styles. While some students might thrive in a lecture-style classroom and can’t wait to get to school every morning, others need a more hands-on approach. Addressing the needs of all students to help them learn and grow is the essence of student-centered learning. Which brings us back to our claim of “kids go bananas over ice cream.”

Students are often more interested in learning concepts when it relates to them or what they are interested in. At Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream, we try to instill a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by providing demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities for students across the country. By involving ice cream as we show liquid nitrogen in action, we prove that what they learn in your classroom is applicable to the “real world.”


You might be thinking your principal would never approve a field trip to an ice cream store. And you very well might be right. So we come to you. When you schedule a demonstration with Sub Zero, we bring everything we need to your location and set up our super cool science demonstration (at this point, feel free to ask “How cool is it?” To which we will respond, “ICE COLD!!!” But, we digress).

While a little birdy might have told your students they would receive ice cream during this presentation, we want to save the main event for last. So we will perform 4-5 liquid nitrogen bases science experiments that are sure to impress. Students will receive a “-321 Liquid Nitrogen Degree” to keep as a souvenir, which can be used as a buy-one-get-one-free student voucher at our ice cream shop. And, of course, to end the show, we make liquid nitrogen ice cream right in front of the students that they can enjoy as they reminisce about how cool their teacher was to bring Sub Zero into the classroom.


We think our liquid nitrogen ice cream educational program is pretty sweet, but don’t just take our word for it. We consistently receive positive feedback from students, educators, and media alike. Take a look at some of this stellar feedback:

“Some of the stuff we do in class is boring, but this is really cool.” Andrew, 8th Grade.

Short and to-the-point in the fashion of most 8th grade boys, we take this feedback from Andrew as a sincere compliment.

“It was better than we expected — more full of science instruction, cooler demonstrations, and our choice of flavors for ice cream. We loved everything.” – Annette Warnich, Head Of School, Aches Academy

Our goal is to always blow your expectations out of the water. We are so pleased to know that you found our demonstration to be as educational as it is fun.

“Students had a lot of fun seeing real-life applications of many of the concepts they learn in the classroom.” -The Daily Herald

This feedback from The Daily Herald puts the cherry on top. This is our ultimate goal. For teachers to be able to lay the foundations of what students will see in our program so that with us, they can see real-world applications. Then, we send them back to the classroom more excited about STEM than ever before. After all, there’s ice cream on the line!

Want to get Sub Zero Ice Cream into your class? Fill out an educational liquid nitrogen application form here!