Sensation Review: Magnetic Mint

Sensation Review: Magnetic Mint

Written on 07/03/2019
Allie Brownlee

Struggling with choice overload? Sensations are great pre-made choices crafted for you! But what are they really like? Here’s a little mental taste to help you choose.

Our feature this week is Magnetic Mint: Mint Ice Cream, Oreo, Andes Mints, with Fudge Topping.

Remember when you were in the mint chocolate mood and you couldn’t choose for the life of you between the Mint Chip and the Mint Oreo? That’s the beauty of Sub Zero customization. They can say, “Why not both?“ It’s the perfect combo.

Mint can be one of those wild cards. Is it a classic mint or toothpaste mint? But no worries, this is the classic and one of the best mint ice creams I’ve ever tasted. The smooth creaminess, characteristic of Sub Zero ice cream, seems to really enhance the cool mint taste. The Oreo bits are really more of a flavor than a mix-in. They’re essential, in my opinion, and really make this sensation. The taste reminds me of an ice cream version of the classic Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints.

The Andes mints remind me of the chocolate flakes I love, but with a mint upgrade that blends well with the ice cream. They do give a bit chunkier of a texture so if you like that classic mint chip flakiness, you might want to switch out for the chocolate flakes, but I think these round out the Oreo pieces nicely and give it more of a gourmet Mint Chip feel.

The Fudge topping makes a nice presentation. It makes it feel fancy and gourmet, which I love. I’d probably get it just for that. Presentation certainly counts for something! But, it isn’t essential and doesn’t contribute much taste-wise. To me, the fudge taste just doesn’t blend very well with the other chocolates, which could be a nice break from the strong flavors of the main ice cream, or a bit distracting depending on how you see it. It’s probably down to personal preference on this one. I might try another chocolate based topping for the effect like a chocolate syrup. Nutella might be too different of a chocolate taste for me too, but perhaps it’s exactly your combo. That’s the power of choice!

Bottom line: A perfect blend of the classic flavors Mint Oreo and Mint Chip. Andes mints or chocolate flakes are a must. Feel free to change up the fudge; it’s more for presentation.