Sensation Review: Mass Mocha Madness

Sensation Review: Mass Mocha Madness

Written on 07/03/2019
Allie Brownlee

Struggling with choice overload? Sensations are great pre-made choices crafted for you! But what are they really like? Here’s a little mental taste to help you choose.

Our feature this week is Mass Mocha Madness: Mocha and Fudge Ice Cream, Slivered Almonds, Heath, and Caramel Topping.

The mocha and fudge really complement each other well, coffee and chocolate have always played well together, but the caramel topping really makes it. Since it’s mocha flavoring mixed with fudge, there’s a bit more chocolate than coffee flavor, but I think that’s more what you would expect from a dessert. I like how it milds the coffee flavor out just enough to avoid the bitter after-taste. Excellent mix-in choices.

I like that the almonds are slivered and not chopped; it makes for a nicer gourmet texture. For that reason, I would keep it with almonds rather than another nut. I always feel a little biased when in comes to Heath bits because it’s one of my favorite mix-ins. In this blend, it’s perfect, complementing the chocolate and caramel theme while the toastiness of it blends perfectly with the coffee flavor. I might add a little more caramel topping, but that’s probably because the caramel is my favorite of these flavors. Overall, it was surprisingly tasty, and this from a girl who much prefers tea to coffee.

This makes me think of a Caramel Mocha mixed with Rocky Road, all it’s missing is the marshmallows. Who knows? A marshmallow flavor or mix-in could be a great variation on this sensation.

Bottom line: Think Caramel Mocha fanciness mixed with the classic almondy fudge of Rocky Road. Chocolate, caramel, coffee, what more could you want?