Sensation of the Month Review: July 2019

Sensation of the Month Review: July 2019

Written on 07/03/2019
Allie Brownlee

Good golly gosh, I love this sensation too much to start this review the regular way! The Carnival in a Cup, as I call it, this is my opinion of July’s Big Blast Sensation: Blue Cotton Candy ice cream, Marshmallows, with Pop Rocks sprinkled on top in a Raspberry flavored waffle cone.

Pop rocks on ice cream are a stroke of pure genius. They’re fun and flavorful with just enough sparkiness without overwhelming you when paired with ice cream. Totally reminiscent of those little firework fountains in the street you that you gaped at as a kid. Just looking at those pop rocks, my mouth started watering with that tart candy anticipation before I even took a bite. Clearly this holds nostalgia for me even my tongue recognizes.

This may be the first time I’ve had cotton candy ice cream, but it really is like a carnival in a cup. I can almost smell the freshly popped butter popcorn, see the rainbow of lights turn on as I realize the cue for the fireworks and turn to see the magical display start up behind me. It feels so familiar and brings back some of the happiest summer memories of my childhood. The marshmallows are reminiscent of the chewiness of real cotton candy, the pop rocks enhancing that firework memory. This is an experience. Forget the overpriced carnival concessions and just go get this afterward. Heck, you can skip the carnival.

The rich opaque blue of the ice cream, even the taste to some degree, reminds me of the Superman or Playdough ice cream that was my favorite as a child. I remember begging my mom to get it for my birthday. Did anyone else love that stuff? Or was that unique to my growing up experience? Regardless, I never expected an ice cream I’ve never had to be so nostalgic. I think it’s something about the berry flavor of the pop rocks and waffle cone mixed with the cotton candy that evokes the Superman/Playdough flavor. These flavors blend so well.

After enjoying the Pop Rocks, I broke the waffle cone into pieces and mixed it in myself. It provided just the right amount of berry and waffle cone crunch to compliment the chewy marshmallows and break up that smooth cotton candy taste. The whole thing feels light and summery.

Now, I know what you’re really wondering. Does it make your mouth blue? You better believe it. Your lips however get just a tinge no one would notice unless they, too, have recently enjoyed this spectacular hit. 

Bottom line: The Cotton Candy is a carnival in a cup. Marshmallows evoke the chew of cotton candy, pop rocks spark and crackle delightfully, the waffle cone is much more than a garnish. This is what happy summer childhood memories are made of.