Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte, liquid nitrogen ice cream is the cold-weather treat of the season. At Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream, we specialize in customizable ice cream creations. With hundreds upon hundreds of flavor combinations possible, the ice cream of your dreams does exist and we can make it! Even if you want gluten or dairy-free ice cream, or even sugar-free or low-fat ice cream, you still have tons of flavor options.

Start with a cream – some of which are not creams at all! Make a vegan ice cream, low fat, or use our super creamy custard base. Then, pick your flavors and mix-ins. Today, we want to offer some awesome flavor and mix-in combinations to keep your satisfied all autumn long!

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Sensation Highlights

At Sub Zero we have delicious flavor combinations we like to call Sensations. These Sensations have been designed by our professional Ice Cream Doctors and are sure to be a hit. We want to highlight two of these Sensations in particular that we think fit the season perfectly.

  • Banana Cream Pie Bismuth: This Sensation hinges on a banana flavored ice cream, which by itself might not sound very autumnal. However, when you consider that this beast has marshmallow cream, graham cracker, and cheesecake bites mixed in, then is topped with hot fudge and whipped cream, you can start to see the cold-weather appeal.
  • Bernoulli Brulee: This delightful combination features Dulce de Leche and vanilla ice cream with cinnamon, caramel, Twix, and heath bar mixed in. This chocolatey, caramelly goodness is a taste bud explosion year-round, but the cinnamon undertones make it perfect for a breezy fall afternoon.

Original Flavor Ideas

Chocolate and Orange Ice Cream With Brownies: If you’re a fan of classic Terry’s Chocolate Oranges or have tried one of the United Kingdom’s favorite cookies, the Jaffa Cake, you know how well oranges and chocolate go together. While most fall recipes stay away from tropical fruits, the mixing orange and chocolate flavors is a classic cold-weather staple. The brownie bites add a nice chewy texture to this already great flavor combination.

Cake Batter And Cinnamon Ice Cream With Heath Bar: Who doesn’t love a good snickerdoodle? Snickerdoodles are known for being soft, buttery, and cinnamon-y. Nothing tastes quite as good as a fresh snickerdoodle, but this flavor combination might be a close second. The cake batter and cinnamon flavors form the main essence of a snickerdoodle, while the Heath Bar adds some buttery toffee flakes.

Banana and Dulce De Leche with Fudge and Whipped Cream: Have you ever experienced banoffee pie? This favorite English dessert is a portmanteau of “banana” and “toffee,” because, of course, those are the two main flavor profiles. We’ve attempted to recreate this by using a banana and dulce de leche ice cream base. The toffee used in banoffee pie is traditionally made by boiling dulce de leche, so this is as close the to the real thing as it gets. The traditional pie is topped with whipped cream and a fudge drizzle, so of course, we’ve included that in this combination as well.

What Makes Sub Zero Ice Cream Different?

Most ice cream shops have pre-made flavors, and if you have dietary restrictions, you might be out of luck. A few ice cream places allow you to mix in your choice of toppings, but the ice cream flavors are already made and if you need, say, lactose-free ice cream, you might be stuck with a sherbert. At Sub Zero, you won’t find pre-made ice cream sitting in freezers when you walk in. Instead, you’ll see dozens of flavors and mix-ins that will soon be an ice cream that is entirely your own. Choose your cream, pick your flavors, and add a couple mix-ins. What looks like a soupy mess is soon fast-frozen to be the most creamy, delicious scoop of ice cream you’ll ever experience.

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With over 56 locations across America and overseas, there’s no need to search the internet for “ice cream near me” anymore! Sub Zero’s liquid nitrogen ice cream is the creamiest and best ice cream around. Our method of blasting cream with -321 degrees Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen freezes your ice cream instantly, meaning it is smoother and denser than any other ice cream you’ll find.