How familiar are you with ice cream from other countries? Ice cream comes in all shapes, colors, flavors, and textures – and we want to share some of them with you! Check out these frozen desserts from around the world:

Japan: Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi is a popular Japanese dessert consisting of sweet sticky rice that is pounded into a soft dough-like texture. It is then wrapped around small scoops of ice cream to make an ice cream treat you can eat on the go – no spoon necessary. With traditional flavors like green tea, red bean, and black sesame, this is can’t-miss treat when you have the opportunity to try it.

Italy: Gelato

Anyone in Italy will tell you that ice cream and gelato are not the same things – so we’ll consider gelato Italy’s cold, sweet dessert. Gelato is known for being incredibly dense and milky and even has less fat than traditional ice cream as it uses more milk than cream. This ensures that there is plenty of room for flavor.

Thailand: I tim pad (Rolled Ice Cream)

This traditional Thai ice cream is certainly making waves on Instagram as it has become a recent phenomenon in America. The ice cream is made fresh by pouring cream on a frozen surface and adding mix-ins. The mix-ins are chopped up and the liquid is tossed around (think of it like making scrambled eggs – but frozen). The newly made ice cream is spread thin and then scraped up into perfect spirals and served in a cup.

Iran: Faloodeh

If you Google this treat, it may look more like dinner than dessert. Made from ice-cold rice noodles, rose water, sugar, and lime juice, this frozen treat mixes citrus and floral flavors for a sophisticated dessert.

Taiwan: Snow Ice

This is a shaved ice like you have probably never seen before. This Taiwanese dessert is made from freezing milk, water, and flavor into a giant block. Then, extremely thin layers are shaved off of and piled high on a plate. Often topped with boba, fresh fruit, or chocolate, this dessert has an almost velvety feel.

America: Soft Serve, Dippin’ Dots, Frozen Yogurt, and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

What can we say, America likes its ice cream. Through the decades, trends have come – and stayed – in terms of ice cream options. Whether you’re grabbing a soft serve from your favorite fast-food restaurant, indulging in Dippin’ Dots at a baseball game, or telling yourself that frozen yogurt is a healthy dessert, if you have lived in America for a while you have likely experienced every type, texture, and flavor of ice cream that the country has to offer.

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