Did you know that Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream does catering? And if you’ve been searching the internet for “liquid nitrogen ice cream near me” and thinking there can’t possibly be something this cool in your corner of the woods, think again. With dozens of locations from Washington to Texas to Florida to California (and a whole bunch of states in between), there is most likely a Sub Zero ice cream shop near you who can provide a completely unique catering experience.

So now that you know we cater, you’re probably wondering what events we can make even cooler. (Get it? Cooler… because we make ice cream! We promise our caterers will have better jokes.) Since you asked, here are five perfect events that could use some nitrogen ice cream catering:

Want Ice Cream Catering? Find The Nearest Sub Zero!
  • Wedding: When people come to a wedding, they usually expect to eat wedding cake for dessert. Not to be a party pooper, but most wedding cakes we’ve had have been kind of “meh.” They’re not amazing, but they’re not bad either. But why are you settling for giving your guests “meh.” Why not do something completely unique and unheard of? We’ll set up shop and turn out the fresh liquid nitrogen ice cream while your guests “ooh” and “ahh” at the billowing clouds that the liquid nitrogen creates. This is an especially good idea for a hot summer wedding so your guests can cool down a bit.
  • Kid’s Birthday Party: Obviously, kids love ice cream. It’s ingrained in their DNA to scream for ice cream. Kids also love science and magic (or, at least what looks like magic). This year, skip the creepy clown and opt for our friendly kids birthday catering service where we’ll do educational demonstrations and show the kiddos exactly how liquid nitrogen can make instant ice cream.
  • Baby Shower: Having a baby is an exciting time… for the couple having the baby. While baby showers can be fun, they are mostly a way for your friends to help get you on your feet with all the necessary supplies before you welcome a new human into the world. Possibly the only people more excited about having a baby than the soon-to-be-parents are the soon-to-be-grandparents. So do all of your obliging guests a favor and at least make it the baby shower of the century! Liquid nitrogen ice cream catering is the best way to go.
  • Milestone Birthday Party: Look, maybe your wife isn’t as excited about turning 50 as you thought she might be. But you have already planned a big birthday party to surprise her. You thought you did everything right but as the day approaches, you get more and more nervous that this night will end up with you sleeping on the couch. So at least make it a fun party. Hiring some nitrogen ice cream catering to come and spruce things up will keep all of the guests entertained and make your wife’s inner child come out. It’s a win-win for everybody.
  • Company Holiday Party: Wow, we’re already on our fifth event and we’ve made it sound like no one likes going to parties. That’s not true, obviously. People love going to parties, but people appreciate parties even more when a lot of thought and care is put into it. Company-wide holiday parties or annual picnics are no exception. You want your employees to truly enjoy themselves (and make them think you’re a super cool boss), so make sure you give them a super cool experience! Nitrogen ice cream catering will keep them entertained for hours and also give them delicious ice cream that adults sometimes forget exists.

Want Us To Cater Your Event? We Thought You Might!

Check out all of our locations to find a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop near you and ask about catering! We’d love to be a part of your special event!