1. Infographic: How To Make Your Own Flavor Sensation At Sub Zero Ice Cream

    Who knew creating customized ice cream could be so easy? Looking for dairy free ice cream that’s 100 percent not boring, or low-sugar ice cream that actually tastes good, or even just good old fashioned ice cream that no one else has ever tried? You can do all of that, and more, at a Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream shop near you. “How is that possible?” you might ask. Don’t worry. We’ve made…Read More

  2. Ice Cream Styles Around The World

    How familiar are you with ice cream from other countries? Ice cream comes in all shapes, colors, flavors, and textures - and we want to share some of them with you! Check out these frozen desserts from around the world: Japan: Mochi Ice Cream Mochi is a popular Japanese dessert consisting of sweet sticky rice that is pounded into a soft dough-like texture. It is then wrapped around small scoops of…Read More

  3. The Discovery Of Liquid Nitrogen

    Liquid nitrogen is the basis of everything we do here at our ice cream shop. Our Sub Zero stores wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for to pioneering scientists who came before us. Read below to learn about how nitrogen was discovered, what it is used for, and how it transforms from a gas to a liquid. The Discovery Of Nitrogen The element nitrogen was first discovered in 1772 by a chemist name…Read More

  4. How Sub Zero Brings Student-Centered Learning To You

    We’re just going to lay it out there. Kids go bananas over ice cream (bananas over ice cream? That sounds delicious!). Kids, however, do not always go bananas over learning. Thankfully, many teachers across the nation have embraced student-centered learning. In short, this refers to a style of education instruction that addresses specific needs of students - including their interests and distinc…Read More

  5. From Flavored Snow To Liquid Nitrogen – The Evolution of Ice Cream

    Getting a couple scoops of ice cream is a notable past time for most people. When we are kids, it seems like the entire world revolves around ice cream! And as adults, we like to treat ourselves to something sweet every now and then. We eat ice cream, our grandparents ate ice cream, and their grandparents ate ice cream! But how did ice cream evolve into the scientific process you see at your local…Read More