1. August Flavor of the Month

    Hi fellow foodies! We've excited to announce August's Flavor of the Month for Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt! After taste testing our Facebook fans' submissions for July's Flavor, we found a concoction so refreshing and unique we knew it deserved the Flavor of the Month status. Without further ado, the August Flavor of the Month is... Peachy Keen by Jenna Baker! Peachy Keen Base: Custard Flavor: Pe…Read More

  2. August Flavor of the Month is Almost Here!

    Hi fellow foodies. We're excited about August's Flavor of the Month! Although it was submitted in July by one of our Facebook fans for consideration, we were so impressed by the unique idea that we decided to use it this month. Are you dying with curiosity? Here's a clue. Elvis would have loved August's Flavor of the Month.…Read More

  3. It’s Here! July’s Flavor of the Month

    After tasting our fans' wonderful Facebook submissions for July's Flavor of the Month, we're excited to announce the winner! We chose the ice cream that not only fit the upcoming patriotic holiday, but also that tasted the best. However, we did receive some submissions that blew us away with their creativity and will be using them in months to come. So, without any further ado, July's Flavor of th…Read More

  4. Get Ready for July Flavor of the Month!

    With over a trillion combinations at your fingertips, making up your mind can be a little overwhelming. That's why we've decided to create a Flavor of the Month. And we've got some awesome ideas kicking around for upcoming events, like the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie, Halloween, back to school, and so on. We love experimenting with flavorsĀ  just as much as you do! Our Facebook fans have …Read More