1. Sub Zero at Semi-Annual LDS Blood Drive, Simi Valley, CA

    On Tuesday, September 13th, Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt made an appearance at the Simi Valley Blood Drive at the Stake center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Blood Drive was a wild success, with seventy-five pints of blood collected! We had the privilege of feeding the wonderful participants and would like to thank them again for giving up their time and blood to make a …Read More

  2. FederalWayMirror.com covers Grand Opening

    Ice cream in a flash: Washington's first Sub Zero franchise opens in Federal Way By ANDY HOBBS Federal Way Mirror Editor September 13, 2011 · Updated 5:21 PM Washington’s first Sub Zero ice cream shop opens this week in Federal Way, and owner Jack Walsh promises a treat for eyes as well as mouths. Each ice cream dish is made to order and flash frozen with liquid nitrogen — bringing temperatur…Read More

  3. Good Things Utah

    Sub Zero Ice Cream CEO, Scott Abbott and Founder, Jerry Hancock joined hosts Nicea Degering and Reagan Leadbetter on ABC 4's Good Things Utah to show them and the GTU viewers what Sub Zero Ice Cream is all about. Watch the segment here: Check out our Facebook for behind the scene pictures and click here to view the article from ABC 4. Don't forget to try Peachy Keen, our August Flavor of the Mont…Read More

  4. Good Things Utah

    Ice Cream that is Frozen Before Your Eyes It starts out as a liquid. You choose what flavor you want and then comes the quick freeze chemicals... Sub Zero says they started a New York Burrito franchise in Orem, Utah. A current trend in the food industry is a deli style. Deli style means giving the customer more choices, and the product is fresher. They had space available in the store, so they sta…Read More

  5. Watch us on Sonoran Living ABC 15 Arizona

    A report by Andi Barness for ABC 15's Sonoran Living Live, starring Sub Zero's very own Leon Merkley. Originally posted at http://www.abc15.com/dpp/lifestyle/sonoran_living/custom-made-ice-cream-while-you-wait.…Read More

  6. Saltlakemagazine.com Reviews Sub Zero Ice Cream

    Ice Cream Parlor of the Week: Sub Zero Ice Cream Sub Zero Ice Cream Owner: Jerry Hancock Jerry Hancock was mulling over the idea of opening up an ice cream shop, but wanted to step up his game against competitors. With the help of his chemistry background, Jerry concocted a scientific concept, allowing customers to pick the fat content and consistency of their desired flavor by freezing the frozen…Read More

  7. It’s Here! July’s Flavor of the Month

    After tasting our fans' wonderful Facebook submissions for July's Flavor of the Month, we're excited to announce the winner! We chose the ice cream that not only fit the upcoming patriotic holiday, but also that tasted the best. However, we did receive some submissions that blew us away with their creativity and will be using them in months to come. So, without any further ado, July's Flavor of th…Read More

  8. Sub Zero Featured on CityWeekly.net

    Have It Your Way At Utah’s Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt shops, ice cream is created to customers’ particular specifications. You choose the base—cream, rice or soy—flavor mixtures, mix-ins and overall texture. Then, the mixture is flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen, creating instantly “cryogenic” ice cream. Normally, when ice cream is frozen, it immediately starts to create ice cryst…Read More

  9. 2011 Best of State Galla–Insider’s Scoop

    On Saturday June 4th, Sub Zero Ice Cream received a Best of State Medal for ice cream. The judges awarded Sub Zero this award based off three criteria: excellence and achievement, innovation and creativity, and contribution to the community. We here at Sub Zero are honored by the recognition and are excited to share the news with our customers. Thanks for supporting us with your appetite. We hardl…Read More

  10. That Means We Get Pie Attends Murray Ribbon Cutting

    Ribbon-cutting at Sub Zero Ice Cream - And YOU CAN WIN SOME PRIZES! (originally posted on http://thatmeanswegetpie.blogspot.com/2011/05/ribbon-cutting-at-sub-zero-ice-cream.html) I was recently invited to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Sub Zero Ice Cream at 5612 South 900 East in Murray. I have to say this is my favorite ice cream place in the state. My kids have loved the place sin…Read More