1. EatBYU.com Reviews Provo Location

    Sub Zero Ice Cream Where: Sub Zero Ice Cream, 1774 N University Parkway, Provo Who Went: Chelsey & Owen, Devynne, my uncle Spencer Number of Visits: 2 What We Ordered: Various flavor combinations...I got mint ice cream (custard cream) with Junior Mints. Another time I ordered mine with soy milk instead. What It Cost: Since my uncle paid, I don't remember the exact total, but it was about $4 a…Read More

  2. IndieOgdenUtah.com Reviews Sub Zero

    Indie Ogden Review: Sub Zero Ice Cream A few evenings ago my family had a bit of a sweet tooth and decided to grab some ice cream while we were wandering around The Junction. We stopped into Sub Zero Ice Cream and I was instantly a bit overwhelmed and a lot impressed. A giant tank of liquid nitrogen sits to the left of the counter, with steaming hoses attached, slowly leaking the cold fog over the…Read More

  3. That Means We Get Pie Attends Murray Ribbon Cutting

    Ribbon-cutting at Sub Zero Ice Cream - And YOU CAN WIN SOME PRIZES! (originally posted on http://thatmeanswegetpie.blogspot.com/2011/05/ribbon-cutting-at-sub-zero-ice-cream.html) I was recently invited to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Sub Zero Ice Cream at 5612 South 900 East in Murray. I have to say this is my favorite ice cream place in the state. My kids have loved the place sin…Read More

  4. SassyScoops.com reviews Sub Zero

    Sub Zero Ice Cream review, by Debbie CranberryFries It’s not so much a secret anymore that the best place to find some delicious treat is Sub Zero Ice Cream. SUB ZERO is Cryogenics, the science of ultra cold where they use direct contact freezing. Which means you get to pick what you want, watch them gather and pour in the ingredients and see it freeze right in front of you. Nothing is frozen be…Read More

  5. Mom Essential Blog Reviews Arizona Location

    (AZ) New Sub Zero Ice Cream Shop Have you heard about Sub Zero ice cream? I was told about it's upcoming arrival a few months ago, and it finally came so I went to try this new ice cream shop in Mesa, and it was delicious! This store, the first in Arizona, happens to be located on Stapley and Baseline, right next to Jason's Deli, but also in the same parking lot as Old Navy (if you go, print a $…Read More

  6. NicoleRatesIt.com reviews Sub Zero

    SubZero Ice Cream - Provo, UT Liquid cream + Flavorings + Mix ins + Liquid Nitrogen = ice cream??? It's true. Science has again met up with my favorite frozen treat : ice cream. But this isn't your typical 31 Flavors parlor. After hearing rave reviews from several friends about the the up-and-coming phenomenon that is cryogenically-frozen ice cream, I did some research. Dippin' Dots , the "Ice Cre…Read More

  7. Popular Mechanics Investigates Sub Zero

    Making the Coldest Ice Cream in the World—But is it Any Good? by Jennifer Bogo It only takes a few ingredients to make lactose lovers' favorite treat: Ice cream requires sugar, milk, flavoring and agitation. And, of course, a means to freeze it. Starting with salt and ice, that process has been low-tech for centuries—just how ice cream connoisseurs like it. But what happens when you skip the s…Read More