1. Good Things Utah

    Sub Zero Ice Cream CEO, Scott Abbott and Founder, Jerry Hancock joined hosts Nicea Degering and Reagan Leadbetter on ABC 4's Good Things Utah to show them and the GTU viewers what Sub Zero Ice Cream is all about. Watch the segment here: Check out our Facebook for behind the scene pictures and click here to view the article from ABC 4. Don't forget to try Peachy Keen, our August Flavor of the Mont…Read More

  2. National Smile Week

    Time to bust out those pearly whites for National Smile Week! Nothing makes us smile more than redefining the way our customers experience ice cream. netdoctor has an article called Benefits of Smiling that explains some of the ways wearing a grin makes you a healthier person. Here's a few we liked: Laughter and smiling reduces stress and releases endorphins. Stress has been linked to many health …Read More

  3. A Day in the Life of a Dairy Cow

    While it's fun to talk about the science behind Sub Zero's culinary process, let's not forget about the animals that make ice cream possible in the first place: dairy cows. After all, they do provide 90% of the world's milk supply . In America alone, dairy farmers annually produce enough milk for 1 billion pounds of butter, 7 billion pounds of cheese, and 1 billion pounds of ice cream. Dairy cows …Read More

  4. Let Sub Zero Ice Cream Cater Your Event

    That's right, we can bring the unique Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt experience to you, whether it's for a wedding, graduation party or sweet sixteen. We'll dazzle your guests and satisfy their palates, helping you create an event that will be remembered for years to come. Our freezing process amazes adults and children alike as non-toxic liquid nitrogen evaporates into billowing clouds of white sm…Read More

  5. Ice Cream in History

    Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt's unique dessert is built upon ice cream's evolution across the centuries. While we might offer the most innovative technique for freezing ice cream, we are indebted to the minds and taste-buds that came before us. As a tribute to the history of this wonderful dessert, here's a quick survey of the development of ice cream. Nowadays, it's easy to take ice cream for gra…Read More

  6. Coming Soon:Sub Zero Ice Cream’s New Consumer Site

    We've been eagerly typing away, writing up content for the new Sub Zero Consumer site that will be launched in the next several weeks. What does this mean for our fellow foodies? Even more access to information about our products. Not only will you be able to see our standard menu items, such as flavors and mix-ins, but you can learn more about other things such as nutrition acts, our catering ser…Read More

  7. It’s Here! July’s Flavor of the Month

    After tasting our fans' wonderful Facebook submissions for July's Flavor of the Month, we're excited to announce the winner! We chose the ice cream that not only fit the upcoming patriotic holiday, but also that tasted the best. However, we did receive some submissions that blew us away with their creativity and will be using them in months to come. So, without any further ado, July's Flavor of th…Read More

  8. Family Night Couldn’t Get Any Tastier

    Sometimes it’s hard to satisfy an entire family’s cravings. The kids want as much candy in one menu item as possible while the parents might want to indulge in something a little less…saccharine.  Now it’s possible for parents and children to indulge in harmony with options such as dulce de leche flavored ice cream and gummy bear mix-ins.   With the first mix-in free and control over por…Read More

  9. Things Are Getting A Little Steamy Here At Sub Zero

    Our Steamers will make you re-think hot ice cream. With the same frothiness and body as a Cappuccino but without the caffeine rush, don't be surprised to find yourself craving a steamy beverage in the middle of July. And unlike other beverage joints with only a handful of options, you can choose from our full flavor menu. So if a bubblegum and watermelon Steamer sounds like heaven, we've got you c…Read More