1. Oh, the Budget Friendly Possibilities

    While the "you get what you pay for" maxim often proves true, here at Sub Zero, we provide customers with a high-quality experience for a low price. With unlimited flavors at no extra cost, you can still concoct a taste-bud sensation without raising the price. If that's not enough to satisfy your frozen dairy craving, no worries, the first mix-in is free. Go ahead and toss in come Oreos...or marsh…Read More

  2. Unlimited Choices, Serving Unlimited Palates

    Despite food allergies, dietary restrictions and picky eaters, going out to ice cream couldn’t get any easier since Sub Zero is truly an ultimate once size fits all phenomenon! Recipe Ideas: Choco-holic Base: Premium Flavor: Fudge Chocolate, Raspberry and Cake Batter Mix-ins (1st one is free!): Oreos, Cookie Dough and Brownies Fruity-Tooty Base: Yogurt Flavor: Coconut, Raspberry and Lemon Mix-in…Read More

  3. Buy Local—Sub Zero Born and Raised in Orem, Utah

    With the March 2011 unemployment rate at 8.8%, everyone wants to do their part in supporting local businesses in order to build a sense of community, strengthen the local economy and support local job opportunities. Whether it's participating in farmer co-ops, hiring locally owned service companies or indulging in a treat, it seems like most everyone is doing their best to contribute. In December …Read More

  4. Liquid Nitrogen Expose—Why Ice Cream Makes it Boil

    For those of us who haven't been to school in a while, here is some chemistry 101. Nitrogen is one of 118 known elements and because it evaporates at such low temperatures, it typically exists as a gas (in fact, it makes up about 78% of the Earth's atmosphere). This means that in order for it to remain in a liquid state it must be kept at extremely cold temperatures. Since liquid nitrogen boils at…Read More

  5. The Flavors of 2011

    The top ten finalists from the Taste Testing Contest competed at the Provo Towne Mall on Saturday to have their flavors deemed as the signature Sub Zero Ice Cream flavors of the year and Utah has decided which flavors will reign. The flavors of the year are Berries O'Chocolate, by Rosalyn Caywood, who took third place; Cookie Tree, by Nate Kuhlman who placed second. And Carnival Fun, by Stephanie …Read More


    SALT LAKE CITY – Sub Zero Ice Cream is proud to announce the opening of its newest location in Murray, opening on May 14. Sub Zero Ice Cream was started under the direction of founder, Jerry Hancock. Hancock wanted an ice cream shop where customers would have limitless options. Using cryogenics, the study of very low temperatures, Hancock and his franchisees only need to stock a variety of fresh…Read More

  7. Sub Zero Ice Cream Photo Shoot

    You've helped us choose our new logo and you're helping us choose our new signature flavors in the Sub Zero Super Hero Contest, and we are in the process of a full store redesign - it's all very exciting for us. We knew with a new logo, favorite flavors and new store design, we needed flashy new photos that make our ice cream look as good as it tastes. But ice cream melts. Fast. That's why we call…Read More