Looking for a way to get your students excited about science? Be it elementary, middle, or high school, Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt has an Educational Program perfect for any grade level. Book us for an assembly and we’ll make sure to put a smile on each student’s face!

Photo courtesy of NYSED.gov

Our demonstrations with liquid nitrogen keep students entertained while we discuss concepts such as:

  • the elemental properties of nitrogen
  • gas laws
  • the Leidenfrost Effect
  • each state of matter
  • and the application of science to food.

In addition to delicious ice cream samples, we provide each student with a coupon that they can redeem to experience the sensation of Sub Zero Ice Cream outside the classroom. Who knew learning tasted so sweet?

Photo courtesy of Homespun Delight

To learn more, visit http://www.subzeroicecream.com/education/