Liquid Nitrogen Science Education Program

Bring an Excitement for Science through the Sweetness of Ice Cream

Where Sweet & Science Mix

Want to spark a love of science in your students? Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt can bring the power of the periodic table to your school, inspiring the rising generation with the wonders of liquid nitrogen. Our liquid nitrogen science education program can modify each presentation to fit our audience, whether it's elementary or high school students, and we share our gastronomical results at the end of each "experiment".

Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt wants to do its part in helping young people in local communities, which is why it offers its education program at a low cost per student. Since our goal is to share our love of science with as many children as possible, we recommend either combining classes or holding an assembly for the entire student body.


Combining Science and Ice Cream

Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt teaches children a real world application of science by demonstrating how liquid nitrogen can be harnessed to freeze fresh ingredients into ice cream. Not only does the process keep the children entertained with billows of non-toxic nitrogen "smoke", but we discuss concepts such as the elemental properties of nitrogen, gas laws, the Leidenfrost Effect and the application of science to food. Plus, the students get to eat the fruits of their academic labors with ice cream samples and a coupon! Who knew learning could be so sweet?

"It's a nice feeling when students walk into the store and say, 'I never thought I would want to take a chemistry class, but now I do.' If ice cream can have that impact, then wow."

--Jerry Hancock, Founder of Sub Zero Ice Cream


"We thought Sub Zero was great! It was even better than we expected--more full of science instruction, cooler demonstrations, and even our choice of flavors for ice cream. We loved everything."

--Annette Warnich, Head of School, Arches Academy

"Students had a lot of fun seeing real life applications of many of the concepts they learn in the classroom."

--Daily Herald

"Our goal is to make science hands-on and not make kids scared of it. [Hancock] shows kids you can do it safely and have fun learning these things."

--Jessisa Christensen, Science Teacher, Standard Examiner

"Some of the stuff we do in class is boring, but this is really cool."

--Andrew Tagge, Eighth Grade Student at North Layton Junior High School, Standard Examiner


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