Hi fellow foodies!

We’ve excited to announce August’s Flavor of the Month for Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt!

After taste testing our Facebook fans’ submissions for July’s Flavor, we found a concoction so refreshing and unique we knew it deserved the Flavor of the Month status. Without further ado, the August Flavor of the Month is…

Peachy Keen by Jenna Baker!

Peachy Keen

Base: Custard

Flavor: Peach

Mix-Ins: Peaches and Chocolate Shavings


Thanks Jenna for giving us an idea we hadn’t considered before. Who knew chocolate and peaches went together so well? And, did you know Elvis Presley’s favorite ice cream flavor was peach? For us, that made this Flavor of the Month even better!

Be sure to check back in September for another Flavor of the Month. It will make you go bananas!