There’s no doubt that ice cream is one of America’s favorite treats. It’s tasty, sweet and satisfying, but did you know that there are some major health benefits to eating ice cream? That’s right, indulging in a little frozen goodness can have a huge effect on your overall health!

Aging Americans are taking precautions against osteoporosis and other calcium deficiency diseases. They take pills and supplements that usually taste pretty nasty. What if they helped themselves to something delicious instead? Ice cream is LOADED with calcium, providing 10% of your daily-recommended allowance per serving. That means that snacking can give you what you need to keep those bones in good repair. Getting enough calcium is critical for maintaining overall bone health, especially for teens and senior citizens. Keep those bones strong!

Ice cream is also rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin D, which is also beneficial to bone health, Vitamin A, which is important for healthy eyes, and vitamin B12, which your body uses to create new blood cells and repair nerve tissue.

A single serving of ice cream provides 10% of your daily protein needs. Your body uses protein when building and repairing muscle tissue. That means that your favorite frozen treats can help you get stronger after a workout.

Making good dietary choices is important to staying healthy, and ice cream can provide you with important nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help you in your path to overall health. Isn’t it time to get a scoop of something tasty and healthy? Stay cool!