Interested in enjoying delicious ice cream without destroying your new healthy habits? We’re here to help!

First, order your ice cream Yogurt style in a small size. Yogurt style is 0% fat ice cream. It’s lighter, fluffier, and tastes great. It’s not as heavy as the 14% or light yogurts, because it’s made with less cream than the others. Keeping your portions small is a great way to reduce your food intake, and that means less on your waist.

You can still add any flavor you want to your yogurt, so you can get the taste you want without the extra fat! I highly recommend the mint, it’s delicious. For your mix-ins, it’s important to choose something that will taste great and won’t rack up the calories. With the mint, mix in some dark chocolate shavings. Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants that you don’t get from milk chocolate, and it’s lighter in fat and sugar than other kinds. Other healthy options are mixed berries, nuts, or strawberries.

If you’re eating right and getting plenty of exercise, indulging in some ice cream can help you move towards your fitness goals while feeling like you’re cheating. Remember, it’s important to treat yourself once in a while to maintain a healthy mental attitude, and ice cream can be a great treat in your health routine.