Photo courtesy of Journey into Raw Food

Agave nectar isn’t as strange as it sounds.  Hailing from Mexico and South Africa, it comes from various species of the agave plant. After an agave plant has reached 7-10 years old, its leaves are removed and sap is taken from the core of the plant (which looks like a pineapple at this point). The sap is then filtered and heated at a low temperature.

Agave is often used in beverages and desserts.  Because it is sweeter than honey and sugar, a little agave nectar goes a long way. Its chemical make-up differs from sugar, with phytochemicals such as inulin and fructose molecules, so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar as drastically.

Agave nectar isn’t chemically engineered, making it a perfect natural sweetener for people trying to cut back on sugar in their diets. And because no animals are involved its production, Agave nectar works for a vegan diet as well.

Sub Zero Recipe Idea: Agave Savvy Sunday

Base: Yogurt or Soy Milk

Flavor: Agave Nectar, Sweet Chocolate and Cinnamon

Mix-ins (1st one is free!): Coconut flakes, mixed berries, mango, cashews and dark chocolate flakes