How do YOU Rocky Road?

How do YOU Rocky Road?

What’s your Rocky Road? Chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts are the basic ingredients, but it seems everyone has their own opinion on the “right” way to do a rocky road. I always love the combination, but at Sub Zero I know I can make it exactly the way I like it, so I experimented a little. What is my Rocky Road?

I love their marshmallow creme, so that was a must, and the chocolate syrup to flavor it is so much better than any other chocolate ice cream I’ve had. I usually associate almonds with Rocky Road, but I actually like pecans best, so I tried those instead. As I was looking over their vast array of mix-ins, I kept that question in mind, “How would I make MY best Rocky Road?” My eyes landed on the OREO pieces. Ooh. It fits the chocolate and cream sort of combo, and it does remind me just a little of a "rocky road" texture, why not? 

In the end, this was my Rocky Road—chocolate syrup and marshmallow creme ice cream with pecans, marshmallows, and OREO pieces, with a little more chocolate syrup and marshmallow creme drizzled on top. Oh, it is amazing. Definitely the best Rocky Road I’ve ever had.

I love the marshmallow creme combined with the chocolate ice cream. It just tastes so creamy, so well combined. Nuts, I love any nuts, but I especially loved the pecans. The whole mini marshmallows had such a great chewy texture to contrast with the crunchy nuts, but the OREO pieces really brought it all together for me. I got a lot of the crumbs in my scoop and all mixed in, it gave the smooth ice cream such a great texture. They’re what really makes this combination Allie’s Rocky Road.

I just love Sub Zero. Where else can you make your ice cream so customized that you can experience the best Rocky Road you’ve ever had? What will you discover is your perfect Rocky Road combination? What’s YOUR favorite way to Rocky Road??

Celebrate National Rocky Road day on June 2nd by discovering how YOU Rocky Road!