Indie Ogden Review: Sub Zero Ice Cream

A few evenings ago my family had a bit of a sweet tooth and decided to grab some ice cream while we were wandering around The Junction. We stopped into Sub Zero Ice Cream and I was instantly a bit overwhelmed and a lot impressed. A giant tank of liquid nitrogen sits to the left of the counter, with steaming hoses attached, slowly leaking the cold fog over the counter. A stack of stainless steel bowls sit awaiting your choice of flavor and mix ins, and there are multiple bases to keep everyone happy.

We ordered child size portions, which proved to be more than enough if not too much. The base is the liquid they pour in the bowl, and they have five bases of varying fat content to choose from. Premium (14%), Custard (10%), LowFat (5%), Yogurt (0%), and Soy/Rice (0%) – so nobody is left out of the fun. Next you choose a flavor, and a mix in (or a few of mix ins!)

The flavors are too many to list, same as the mix ins- but believe me, there are plenty to choose from! They also have some flavor suggestions for anyone who is having trouble picking a mix.

Your bowl is set under the liquid nitrogen hose, which pours out at -321*. The rapid freezing of the milk and the flash freeze prevents the water in the mix, resulting in ULTRA creamy and fabulous ice cream (keep in mind the higher the fat content, the creamier it will be!). Last but not least you get to choose the consistency of your ice cream. It can be as soft as soft serve, scoopable, or rock hard.

My kids had a fabulous time watching the liquid nitrogen pour into the bowls and the ice-cold fog spill out over the counter, and the flavors all delivered. I really appreciated that they have so many flavors that no matter your mood, you can pick something to suit. I also truly love that they have dairy free options, as well as low-fat options for those of us watching our calories but still craving an occasional treat.

2350 Kiesel Ave. Ogden, UT