Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt catering manager Kit Merkley prepares ice cream by using liquid nitrogen.

Surprise Stadium is the spring training stadium for the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers.  Sub Zero Ice Cream was recently recognized on as one of the favorite treat stops for fans that have come to see their teams play in the preseason.

According to the article, fans travel in to Arizona from both Texas and Kansas City. In addition to the hot dogs, hamburgers, bratwursts and fries, visitors are welcomed with less traditional culinary delights such as pulled pork, fish tacos, and ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen.

Regarding Sub Zero Ice Cream, the article stated:

[Marketing supervisor Melissa] Melton said another hit at the stadium has been Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt. Fans can watch their ice cream being made with liquid nitrogen in 30 seconds right before their eyes.

Kit Merkley, a catering manager for Sub Zero, said baseball fans have lined up to get the ice cream.

“It’s new and different, and that’s why I think people like it so much,” Merkley said.

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