Discover the Story behind Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Our Story

History:  the ORIGINAL Liquid Nitrogen ice cream store!

Drawn to the idea of “customizable food,” Jerry and Naomi Hancock wanted to apply this to desserts. With a background in chemistry, Jerry went to work to develop a method to freeze ice cream using nothing other than liquid nitrogen. Finding success, and a pretty cool way to make a delicious and customizable treat, Jerry and Naomi opened their first Sub Zero Ice Cream in 2004.

The Founders

Jerry Hancock – Founder / CEO

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Jerry has always been interested in improving processes and products around him. With a chemistry degree from Brigham Young University and a background in design and sales, Jerry brings a vast network of concepts, innovations, and ideas to the frozen dessert industry. His favorite part about Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream? It’s cold! Really cold. His favorite ice cream? Black raspberry and coconut with mixed berries.

Naomi Hancock – Founder / Secretary

Having worked as a teacher and park ranger, possessing a degree in English and secondary education, Naomi’s background compliments Jerry’s passion. Her favorite part about Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream? The uniqueness. The dense consistency that creates a personalized, original flavor and taste. Her favorite ice cream? Caramel Amaretto with brownies.


Jerry and Naomi opened their first Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream in 2004. Since then, the company has become a regional sensation, bringing dessert goers around the world a delicious, cool, and sensational treat. Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream can be found throughout the US and internationally, with plenty of franchise opportunities available.


Jerry applied for a patent on his unique process of freezing ice cream in 2005. After developing and perfecting the process, he was awarded a retroactive patent covering all claims in the Sub Zero freezing and serving process in 2014.

2008  Franchising

In 2008, Sub Zero opened its first franchise location. Others soon followed and their operating franchise locations have now grown to over 50 stores – including three international storefronts, with more set to open across the globe!

2013  Shark Tank

Sub Zero had the opportunity to pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank. The presentation and quality of the product, along with the high sales, impressed the Sharks! The business was well established, with two corporate stores, 18 franchises, and eight more in line to be opened.
Even though they did not get a Shark to invest, the media exposure was extremely beneficial, and they have grown from 18 stores at the time of airing to over 50, with many others in construction and sales.

2017 -  10 Best Franchises to Buy From "Shark Tank"

“Imagine running an ice cream store without having to own freezers. That’s because Sub Zero flash freezes each custom-mixed order with liquid nitrogen. Customers choose from a variety of cream bases and mix-ins to create an infinite number of flavor combinations. Flash freezing makes for a smoother, creamier product than traditional ice cream because the water doesn’t form large ice crystals. This franchise opportunity is best for people who don’t get high on their own supply.” ~Forbes – July 17, 2017