The new Sub Zero logo

You’ve helped us choose our new logo and you’re helping us choose our new signature flavors in the Sub Zero Super Hero Contest, and we are in the process of a full store redesign – it’s all very exciting for us.

We knew with a new logo, favorite flavors and new store design, we needed flashy new photos that make our ice cream look as good as it tastes.

But ice cream melts. Fast.

That’s why we called in the ice cream photography experts.

Our photographer, Amy Jensen of Creative Elegance photography and food artist Suzy Eaton of Suzy Eaton Designs help us to make our frozen treats look as delicious as possible.

Food Artist Suzy Eaton making the ice cream look amazing

While the photographer set up, Jerry, the owner and founder of Sub Zero Ice Cream, made fresh waffle cones for the ice cream photos.

Did you know: Sub Zero waffle cones (made daily with freshly mixed batter on a hot waffle iron) are set to cool on top of a sanitized Diet Coke can.

Why Diet Coke? For a few reasons:

  1. Jerry always has it on-hand for when he needs an extra caffeine kick during a rush,
  2. It is the perfect size for a waffle bowl,
  3. The cold can helps draw the heat out of the waffle so the shape will harden quickly and more bowls can be made in a short amount of time.

Our food artist came armed with corn syrup to make the berries gleam, giant tweezers to perfectly place every chunk of cookie dough and brownie, and a work area made of dry ice blocks to keep the ice cream frozen while she beautifully situated each delicious dessert.

At the end of the day we ended up with some really amazing shots.

And a freezer full of ice cream…

…that the team sampled as a tasty conclusion to a long day’s work.

The pictures turned out great, don't you think?