When you come into Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream, we want to give you an experience, not just a treat. To make things a little more intriguing, as if freezing your ice cream right in front of your eyes isn’t a party in itself, we offer you a variety of rewards and promotions. Think of it as our way of saying thank you for letting our family satisfy yours.

With every visit, no matter the style, the size, or the flavor, we give you cash back on your purchase, making it easy to feel good about indulging in your guilty pleasure. With every $10 that you spend, you get $1 back to spend whenever and however you please. Keeping track of your loyalty points via your cell phone number, you never have to worry about carrying a card or keeping track of when you earn more points. Automatically transferring from store to store, you can spend and earn more points, no matter what location you visit. All you have to do is sign up in one of our stores by registering your number. That’s it. Really. Stay up to date with text promotions, and rack in the points every time you come in. We value your business and want to be the first to thank you, as we hope to see you again.