Celebrate the Elements with Us!

Celebrate the Elements with Us!

Written on 08/19/2020
Allie Brownlee

The Periodic Table of the Elements is a classic symbol of science, the clarion call of chemistry! Why do we celebrate it so often here at Sub Zero? We use science to make ice cream! We use liquid nitrogen to freeze fresh cream into completely customizable ice cream treats, all thanks to that wonderful seventh element, Nitrogen. Why celebrate today? Read on!

August 19, 2020 is chemist, professor, and author Julius Lothar Meyer's 190th birthday. Meyer was one of two scientists to discover the periodic law of chemical elements and pioneer early periodic tables. His book Modern Chemical Theory included a basic system for the organization of 28 elements based on atomic weight. This was the precursor to the modern periodic table. Google is celebrating too with their classic Google Doodles. YouTube also commemorates the day here.

In honor of Julius Lothar Meyer, lets learn a bit about the Periodic Table.

Warning, nerd overload coming.

"The periodic table, also known as the periodic table of elements, is a tabular display of the chemical elements, which are arranged by atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties. The structure of the table shows periodic trends. The seven rows of the table, called periods, generally have metals on the left and nonmetals on the right. The columns, called groups, contain elements with similar chemical behaviours. Six groups have accepted names as well as assigned numbers: for example, group 17 elements are the halogens; and group 18 are the noble gases. Also displayed are four simple rectangular areas or blocks associated with the filling of different atomic orbitals." — Wikipedia

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