With the March 2011 unemployment rate at 8.8%, everyone wants to do their part in supporting local businesses in order to build a sense of community, strengthen the local economy and support local job opportunities. Whether it’s participating in farmer co-ops, hiring locally owned service companies or indulging in a treat, it seems like most everyone is doing their best to contribute.

In December 2009, KSL NewsRadio awarded Sub Zero with the “Small Business Spotlight of the Month” because of their involvement in the local community and their success despite the current economic climate. Jerry Hancock, founder of Sub Zero, fused his chemistry degree from Brigham Young University with a desire to provide customers with limitless choices. He achieved this by using Liquid Nitrogen to custom-create personalized ice cream for each visitor. He and his wife, Naomi, opened the first Sub Zero in Provo, UT and have opened 9 others since then.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Universe

Who knew buying local could taste so good?

Recipe Idea: The Bumblebee

Base: Custard

Flavor: Dutch Honey and Cheesecake

Mix-ins (1st one is free!): White Chocolate Chips, Raspberries and Graham Crackers

Photo courtesy of abc4.com